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Microsoft-Yahoo Search Partnership Brings Underwhelming Returns

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Yahoo! and Microsoft

Yahoo! and Microsoft

The match type for the search ads is extremely important for running a PPC campaign. If the person creating the match type decides to target a larger audiance then they will set it to broad which means the search term the user inputs does not try to match the exact search keywords. This is why there would be a improper ad displayed. I suppose you might say that if the PPC marketer is inexperienced at creating these campaigns by setting them all to a broad match type then Bing and Yahoo! pay the price because it causes improper ads to be displayed to the user. Lets face it, Microsoft, Google and Yahoo! can not control the PPC marketer and how they create the AdGroups for each campaign.

What also applies is the simple fact that Google has been branded as a search engine from day one, while Microsoft has not been this from the start. Ask yourself this question. Have you ever seen a commercial for Google? As we all know already Microsoft, spends millions advertising their new search engine Bing and I would even go as far as saying most people do not even know that Microsoft has merged Bing and Yahoo!

Google Mull’s Buying Yahoo!

Not only will it be exciting but it will be massive for whatever company takes over all of Yahoo! and responsibilities. I firmly believe that it will impact the small business community in a drastically bad way for the simple fact some businesses have focused more seo on Yahoo! in certain way’s. Plus, the local listing’s for those small businesses would go away as well which could impact small business. Although if those primary search users of Yahoo! were forced to use another search engine they still would be searching but just not on Yahoo! Although there has been no mention of name change’s just yet.

It will be an interesting outcome no matter what happens. As far as FaceBook buying Yahoo!, that would be a good ideal; but what would that matter if FaceBook is closing as of March 15th. of 2012. Now, if FaceBook is sold then that is a completely different story. It would add incredible value to FaceBook so I think FaceBook may want to re-consider selling or at least possibly making this kind of investment.

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