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The History of Email: Happy 29th Anniversary

E-mail History Information

E-mail History

The Evolution of E-mail

I never truly realized how e-mail got started. I actually did reports in college on the history of the Internet and how it was started and not once did the fantastic display of information regarding e-mail come up in the sources I cited for my report. Thank you for sharing this infographic, got a great break down of the history. It is very amazing to notice the difference in subscribers by every other year. Today e-mail is still a fantastic way to advertise your business in a modern market. For a while it was said e-mail was going away due to factors such as the ever emerging social media market and the power of social media. At one point people began to drop their e-mail marketing campaigns by frightening post and articles about how e-mail was dead. As the hype simmered down people began to realize e-mail marketing is still a powerful tool used to market a business. Through the increased emphasis of reducing spam by incorporating filters and the search engines sifting through information provided by daily users, e-mail has risen again from the depths of doom. There are some great providers to manage and maintain your e-mail marketing campaign and at fair prices too. Vertical Response, Mail Chimp and Constant Contact are some of the most preferred e-mail marketing providers and considered some of the best in the business. Personally I have used several of these and have likes and don’t likes to each one. Each one of these providers offer a great way to maintain your e-mail campaigns, but the overall choice is up to the user doing the e-mail marketing.

Laying out a E-mail Message

If your not familiar with how an e-mail message should be designed and laid out the seeking the talents and expert advice from a professional is highly suggested. As a individual who has designed several e-mail letters and tested multiple platforms, I have found that not all e-mail interfaces show the same output from one to the next. Careful consideration should be taken when designing an e-mail message that has the potential to be seen by thousands or even millions of people opening the messages. Since not all e-mail interfaces render the messages the same it can be very frustrating at first trying to design your own e-mail message. After months of testing reading and analysis, I finally found the best and correct way to design an e-mail message for all interfaces that render the same almost at all times for every interface. You should place your styles inline attached to the tag being utilized and try and keep it as simple as possible. E-mail message should be short, concise and informative and quickly grab the attention of your readers. Good subject lines should be used and baiting or strong call to actions should also be used as well when creating an e-mail message. All the platforms listed above have easy to use templates if you do not have the time to learn how to create a proper e-mail message or if your technical know how is lacking the knowledge on how to properly create a e-mail message. These templates are as simple as inserting your content, testing the created message and scheduling it to be sent. But of course the draw back of using a template provided by these great e-mail marketing companies is that your do not have full control of the look and feel of your e-mail message. This is where a company like Link Worx Seo comes to the rescue. We can create a custom message for you and maintain your campaigns as you see fit. Our custom e-mail templates are affordable and offer a lot of the same functionality as the major e-mail marketing business available. At the moment Link Worx Seo utilizes the services of these listed vendors while a custom interface is being programmed and designed that will offer these services so check back about once a month to remain updated on the finished product for our e-mail marketing campaign interface. A client has already agreed to be a tester for this interface which is going to provide great input back about what needs changed or not changed about the new e-mail interface. If you would like to purchase our e-mail marketing and gain access to the e-mail campaign interface being released in the future, you can contact Link Worx Seo and we can place you on a list of interested clients once the interface is completed. Otherwise if you would like us to manage and create your e-mail message with one of our selected vendors we can do that now.

Infographic Source: E-mail Expert
“Be sure to include a e-mail marketing plan.”

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