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Google Begins Roll Out on +1 Verification Badges

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Google Verification Badge

Google Verification Badge

I have been trying to keep up with all the changes going on with social media and how Google +1 is affecting the rest of the social media networks. It has been a long time in coming it seems for Google to have made the recent changes going on throughout. I am impressed with the changes being presented by Google in all and think the Google +1 will be a success. There are still some skeptics concerning the success of Google +1, but overall in my opinion; it was and will be a significant gain for all of social media and Google.

As far as the badge verification process goes, I think this will be another wait and see issue. It may seem a tad discriminatory to single out certain people, but in all actuality it could be considered a way to test the new implementations out first before rolling out the complete changes to all. I will continue to read current news on these changes and hope to apply more of these implementations in the near future.

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