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Why Buying Back Links can Damage Your Business

SEO Link Building

SEO Link Building

The search engine’s have a tracking system of some kind that determine’s paid or not paid back links to a website. Not sure exactly how the search engine’s can determine this and it actually has been said to be a rumor at times. Buying back links is still a common practice with some businesses when trying to rank for competitive keywords’ or really any keyword of choice. There are still plenty of companies out there that offer the sale of back links but they come at a high price and actually believe these sites are now feeling some of pressure of selling back links due to the change’s in algorithm’s by the search engines. Buying back links at one time was the fastest way to reach the top ten but has diminish over time due to the smarter bots and crawlers learning the difference between paid and not paid link’s. Even if you are buying back links a solid SEO campaign can make up the difference and investment money may eventually be spent elsewhere once better results have been achieved.

If you solely rely on trying to make it to the top by buying back links this will be a brutal mistake. This back link purchasing spurred an in flux of companies and catchy phrases such as “Top Ten Results in a Month” or “Get Top Ten Results Guaranteed”. These companies proposing this usually are producing results based on buying back links and promising these top ten results. Not only are these link baiting technique’s alarming as an SEO professional but they are also very misleading to the customer. As an SEO professional I can tell you that there is no guarantee in the world of SEO and paying for links can eventually have a disastrous effect to your businesses website. Some of the side effects of buying links once you stop paying for them:

Web Article Points for Writing You loose back links to the site

Web Article Points for Writing Your rankings drop

SEO Bullet Points Your SEO campaign becomes somewhat a waste

SEO Bullet Points Your MONEY is wasted

SEO Bullet Points Your business decreases

SEO Bullet Points Your investment is lost

If this is not enough to make the right decision then you should definitely seek the professional knowledge of a SEO consultant for more reason’s if this is not enough to convince you. Think about it like this, if you pay for back links not only do you run some of the risk listed above, but you lose all that valuable time and money invested to achieve those results that may never actually happen. Some of the new changes implemented by the search engines in determining whether your links are paid for or not have already been implemented according to some other SEO professionals.

All though there is one form of paid back links that remain’s not determined at the moment that could be affected as well. The use of paid directories could be on the demise as well since some of these directories are possibly paid for options as well. Through discussion and analysis these paid for directories are less effective than they used to be but still can gain you an increase just not as prominent at it used to be when paying for inclusion. This is not the same kind of back link buying as mentioned above and still is an effective tactic used to increase website popularity and increase results. There have been a few recent articles and discussions recently about how much longer these kinds of paid for inclusions will last and what it means for these kinds of paid for inclusions.

Directory submissions are still a common SEO tactic and by no means do not ignore these, one simple reason. As long as the site remains running that you paid for your inclusion your link will remain on their websites. Usually these websites only require a one time fee to be included and most even offer some kind of reciprocal linking or free submission but can have lengthy wait times and require a huge amount of your time. If you feel your business is in need of a strong link building plan please contact us and someone will be glad to assist you with a complete plan of SEO services.

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“Linkbuilding is still a core principle for SEO.”

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  1. Radio Bob
    May 4, 2012 at 10:27 am

    Yeah, I’m a backlinker refugee from a fairly large company. Cut us off at the knees. It was pretty good money.

    • May 4, 2012 at 10:45 am

      Yep, Google has definitely stirred up some commotion for people, especially these companies selling links on a monthly basis as a subscription. iAquire is another company that has been making some changes recently because of these changes by Google. Linkbuilding.net is another one associated with iAquire that has felt the impact of these changes as well.

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