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Marketing Web Content and Blogging for the Web

Phase One – Article Writing & Initial Blog Posting’s

Web Content & Article Submission

Web Content & Article Submission

Quality articles are the de’facto now a day’s. I started with five articles that were completely unique and of quality content for my readers. The purpose of my analysis was to find out the significance of article writing, article submission and the importance of writing quality content to gain stronger search engine results (SERP’s). After careful consideration of what to write  about, I decided to write on basic SEO services that touch on a variety of search engine optimization. Each article was crafted with the basic reader in mind. These article’s were not to technical, but at the same time explained simple SEO tactics, do’s and don’ts and some of the best practices.

After careful review of each article which took approximately one week to write these five articles, I began by posting the first article on two of my dominant blog’s. Although the content on each of these blog’s was the same, the point was to find out how it would be ranked in the search engine’s with regards to duplicate content as a main factor of concern and how effective this type of link building can produce during this entire process. I have of course made use of te rel=publisher attributes and utilized each blog as an asset to one another by using a link exchange tactic from one  blog to the other. This approach resembles a link wheel effect in some aspects since links pertaining to each blog were generated during this process as not to over do it  though. Of course the ideal was to keep it organic as possible without building to many inbound links to each blog to fast.

Phase Two – Article Submission

Before being able to measure the importance of  article writing and article submission services I measured the search engine results for some specific keyword terms and phrases. The keyword’s were selected and remained the same throughout the entire process of submitting to article directories. Some of these article directories allow outbound links to be established within each article, but the majority of these article directories only allow for a simple bio at the bottom of each article.

The next part of the  equation is the rel=follow or rel=nofollow attributes which are always of topic in the SEO world. Some believe that a rel=nofollow link is of no significance while others believe it really does not matter since a link is a link. Of course the search engine companies do not tell you how much weight is placed on the rel=follow or rel=nofollow links. I always take it with the approach that a link to your site is another chance someone can find you. Now, I would not place to much emphasis on generating links of rel=nofollow, but it can’t hurt your site if you do post those kind’s of links. As a matter of fact resent studies are speculating the search engine’s are measuring all types of links and even may be placing weight in the link no matter what the attribute may be.

After, the first hundred or so article directory submission‘s I began to notice a gain in my search engine results for my chosen keyword’s of choice. Of course the main goal was to generate higher search engine results for the keyword’s chosen, but at the same time I quickly realized it was not the article generating higher search engine results it was the links being built on the anchor text placed at the  bottom of each article. Okay sure this is a great way to generate more inbound links to the site, but is the content its self actually gaining the needed attention of the reader’s? After asking myself this simple question, I thought about how to measure the impact of the reader’s.

Sure, you can measure the gain’s in the search engine results and even check the metrics of your site with web analytic’s by increased visitor numbers, locations and source links of traffic, but is this really what quality article writing and article submission is about? Answer, not entirely. Although it is a great way to establish quality inbound links, there is another primary function of article writing and article submission service. What you may ask, well – “establishing yourself as an authoritative figure in your industry is one of the main reasons to write quality articles”.

By establishing yourself in your given industry you begin to gain the trust and respect you deserve by proving you know what your doing. Now this authoritative presence does not happen over night, but it will allow you to show off some of your knowledge and gain follower’s overtime. This also allows for interaction in discussion boards, forums, blog’s and social networks too. When you write a post you should immediately be thinking about where to post the great new article you just spent time writing. There is nothing wrong with wanting to show off your hard  work. Doing some simple posting and even making use of  some catchy titles, known as link baiting; are great ways to show case your work. Posting links on your social networks allow for customer interaction, while at the same time building inbound links to your new article post.

Phase Three – Blog and Article Conclusion

Tips for Writing Articles

Writing Tips

Now that you have begun to establish yourself in your given industry, gained more followers, provided quality content for your reader’s and the search engine’s, you should decide how much content you need each month and continue your quality content writing on a regular basis. It is difficult to say whether or not your article was read or not unless there is some kind of capability for your article to be commented on. Of course you always going to have those spammers who post a link on your blog or article just for the sake of posting a link. This my friend’s is one of the main reasons you should continue writing as well.

Eventually you will be able to tell who is actually following you because they are reading your content and continue to interact with you or whether they are just one time visitors posting one of those pesky spam links. Plus, you can decide who is who when they actually post something on the article that proves they read it. Usually the one or two line comments are from sources looking to gain a link and probably did not actually read your article’s. Now assuming your articles are being read and your gain faithful followers who are gaining informative information from your quality content you should start to notice a significant impact in traffic on a regular basis. As long as you continue to write quality content continuously though. Writing quality content is not a one time process and should be continued constantly in conjunction with other internet marketing and SEO tactics.

Here are some simple thing’s to consider when writing articles and blog’s for your industry.

SEO Bullet Points Who are  you writing for?

Web Article Points for Writing What are  you writing about?

Web Article Points for Writing Brain storm to gain ideals.

Web Article Points for Writing Measure your impact.

Web Article Points for Writing Establish yourself as a authoritative  figure.

Web Article Points for Writing Quality content is a necessity.

Web Article Points for Writing Sharing content promotes your business.

Web Article Points for Writing Interaction between readers shows you care.

Web Article Points for Writing Gain follower/readers whenever possible.

Web Article Points for Writing Provides inbound link building.

Web Article Points for Writing Make sure content is unique.

Web Article Points for Writing Provide accurate information.

Web Article Points for Writing Make sure it is informative.

Web Article Points for Writing Choose one or two keywords at best.

Web Article Points for WritingWrite at least twice a month.

Web Article Points for Writing Check for spelling errors.

Web Article Points for Writing Proof read your work.

Search Quality Control

Search Quality Control

Finally, after about a month and a half of submitting these unique articles to directories, there has been an impact in my overall search traffic and followers being gained. One part of the equation I failed to mention thus far, is that I did not do any other search engine optimization during this process except for simple guest blog posting on other sites and normal daily task of interacting on social networks. Although I almost forgot, there were at least two of the five unique articles on two different blogs posted during this process as mentioned in the first part of this article. Almost no other link building tactics or SEO was done during this entire process just to more accurately measure the effectiveness of article writing and article submission. At this point the overall outcome has been a success and recommend that you continue to submit to article directories with quality content and write blog’s at regular intervals. Secondly, one significant factor was the increase of traffic to my blog’s. I found the search engine’s will show stronger search engine results when your posting to a blog at a fairly normal rate.

To prove this a time span of approximately one month was placed on these blog’s before writing the next blog posting. I began to notice over time that the blog’s organic search engine results began to gradually decrease during this time of no activity. Once I decided I waited long enough to find out how fast the blog would organically decrease in the search engine results, I made my next post. Almost instantly after the posting these blog’s began to rank higher organically again. Now, try applying this same technique to your website. Some SEO Specialist refer to this as “Content is King“.

The search engine’s are triggered by this normal activity and will continue to keep your blog’s indexed with higher ranking’s as long as you continue to generate new content on a regular basis. Although I have not seen many of these article directories directly show up in the search engine results such as the blog’s do, these article directories still have a direct impact on your site’s search engine results. If you have opted to perform these kind’s of article submission services and have gained limited follower’s/reader’s you can rest assured that your still going to gain higher organic search engine results which can amount to more traffic and increased sales anyway.

Do not become discouraged if the amount of follower’s and reader’s is minimal, it will come in time. Patience is one thing you must maintain during the process. Eventually your hard work and effort will pay off. This portion of the process can be the most difficult for some people because establishing yourself as an authoritative figure in your given industry does not happen overnight. With all of these principles in mind and a little  patience people will begin to take notice of your efforts. If you believe you would like to start submitting your articles and have no ideal of where  to start, give Link Worx Seo a call and one of our SEO Consultants will be glad to discuss all options with you.

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“Always produce quality content to win.”

About Ty Whalin

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  1. April 23, 2012 at 2:22 pm

    Content really is king. Many online marketers are concerned about the time it takes to write an effective article and submit it. The cost of outsourcing is worth the end results. It is also good to write a couple of articles yourself as it really is a learning process that keep you in touch with the market and what people want.

    • April 23, 2012 at 3:09 pm

      Completely agree with writing your own articles as much as possible. That really covers the part about becoming an authoritative figure in your industry as well as allows you to communicate in discussions about your industry on other blogs too.

  2. April 26, 2012 at 1:18 am

    It is really interesting video. I’m always looking for new methods to get my sites ranked higher. I’ve? been using automation software called SEO Optimization Demon. It’s worked great for getting me high PR back links to my websites plus I get a load more traffic because? my sites rank higher.

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  4. May 7, 2012 at 12:32 pm

    Marvelous! This is excellent! Thanks! 🙂

    • January 19, 2014 at 3:01 pm

      You are welcome. More great information to come – stay tuned…

  5. December 18, 2015 at 7:59 pm

    It is really interesting video. I’m always looking for new methods to get my sites ranked higher. I’ve? been using automation software called SEO Optimization Demon. It’s worked great for getting me high PR back links to my websites plus I get a load more traffic because? my sites rank higher.

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