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What are Written Communication Skills and Styles?

Types of Writing Styles

Types of Writing Styles

Written communication skills can vary because no reader or writer is the same. Usually having a solid outline to work with when getting started is first and foremost. Doing the research and understanding what you are writing for is a must do task as well. As from experience it is much easier to write about something you like, but there are times you must write on topics of not – so choice. To write effective you should be specific whenever possible and remain concise as to keep the reader interested. No one likes reading a document that is long winded and dull. Unless possibly you are a statition :-).

Spicing up your writing is okay and actually recommended by multiple sources. Take your time proofread everything you write and get other opinions whenever possible. Do not use a contraction when doing formal writing, use numbers only when above nine and everything will be fine. Make sure you give proper citation or attribution to quotes and sources and keep good notes. Even if it takes you that extra time to do all of this, your readers will notice.

Knowing Your Style

Your style comes with time as you learn and absorb what works and what does not work. As for my personal style, it really matters on the topic of choice at times. If it is something not so formal I try and keep it relaxed and moderate as to avoid slang or being over bearing on the topic. I write on SEO for example, this topic is something I am passionate about. At times depending on what it is, you may write above some of your readers. This is to be expected because the simple fact is; not all people have the same level of education and reading skills. This should be considered when writing because if it is above a readers level they are more than likely going to read elsewhere.

When to Write

Write for a broader range of audience and mix it up from time to time. A happy reader is a continuous reader. You may find that you write better at certain times of day, such as in the morning or evening. If your are in a writing cycle it is best to continue on. If you hit a writing block take a break and try again later.

Personally there are times I will write for days as to keep on schedule with blogging at regular intervals, but usually try to write at my favored times dependent on my mood. As to properly manage my daily task it is best schedule your writing in advance at about a month ahead. If there is something else pending of importance and you must drop what you are writing about, try finishing the writing if it is near completion, otherwise move on to the other pending task.

Try keeping the length to a minimal most of the time, although it can be tough trying to squeeze in all that wonderful information into short articles. I personally tend to add more than necessary at times. This is just part of my style though.

Quick Writing Tips:

SEO Bullet Points Proofread

SEO Bullet Points Remove grammar mistakes

SEO Bullet Points Maintain clarity

SEO Bullet Points Be concise as possible

SEO Bullet Points Write in a proper tone

SEO Bullet Points Know your audience

SEO Bullet Points Know when to be formal or informal

SEO Bullet Points Cite sources

Your writing expresses your personality as well. Even if you do not write professionally or for a business purposes, you should write anyway. This will keep your mind sharp and is a great way to connect with others. Except all criticism, remember – some criticism is better than no criticism.

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“Quality content is good content.”

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