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Engineering the Correct SEO Strategy for Today’s Market

Internet Marketing Strategy

Internet Marketing Strategy

With the internet changing everyday staying on top of new trends and changes surrounding SEO should be a top priority of any professional SEO Company. Within the last year or more the SEO industry has changed immensely. Some of these changes include the Panda and Penguin filters and the recent changes of the exact match domain (EMD) filter as well. Many companies have shifted there marketing tactics and strategies to other areas such as social media marketing and other forms of inbound marketing.

The internet has also seen a shift in area’s such as more video marketing and running ads on T.V. commercials. These recent changes are forming company mergers, more sophisticated audience targeting and the need to stress more personal awareness for customers and the needs of each customer. Becoming more in tune with customers has always been a strong client to relationship method for businesses abroad, but today these changes mean even more to compete in an already competitive market.

Make no mistake about it; getting a piece of the already competitive pie is getting even tougher now a day’s. Finding new strategies and tactics to reach potential customers while retaining the customers you have already brought on board can be invigorating to keep up with in an already challenging market. Employing new methods, hiring the right people and introducing new and innovative ideals can help  your company build your brand, establish new customers and help retain already loyal customers.

What Does This Mean for Your Company?

Asking your potential customers to reach into their pockets is not always such an easy task. Your customers are savvy enough to research other competitors, look for special incentives for doing business with companies and well aware of how to find information regarding your company. This is another shift in today’s modern marketing arena. Customer reviews are a great resource to learn about a business such as yours. It is also a great way to reach your customers as too.  Customer retention is an important part of keeping your company competitive. In a non complicated and un-realistic market making that easy sale is would be great. But truth be told, you would be living in a fantasy world if you think it was that simple.

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Knowing Your Target Audience

Your company must employ modern strategies to survive. Whether your running a contest or giving away some kind of free gift; tapping into the right target audience is a core strategy your company must find. For example, if your trying to sell ice cream, you are not going to try and market it to Eskimos during winter. Your company should market to kids and adults in the summer. This is a simple analogy of course, but it does get the point across.

This correct targeting will bring more profits through increased conversion rates because you showed your brand and company to the right people at the right time. Learning demographics and doing research before marketing your product or service should be done first and foremost. Know your competition, what are they doing?, what are they offering?, are they successful with what they offer? Just asking some of these questions can start you off on the right foot. You must also keep in mind that not all companies have the same size of targeting potential. Some products and services do not fit all.

Other Areas of Change in Marketing

The mobile industry is growing at a high rate and will continue to increase more and more of the next four years. There are currently more mobile users available than any other device. Tapping into mobile market is the next big thing and actually, it is already here. If you are a business owner and have products and services to offer then make no mistake about it; get going now. Mobile markets have higher conversion rates, can put your company in front of customers no matter where they are located and have been shown to generate faster response’s and sales than most areas of the internet.

Is SEO Dead?

Is SEO Dead

Is SEO Dead

By no means –  SEO is not dead. This is a topic of discussion that has been running the internet rampant for some time now. There are changes happening in the SEO industry and remaining current on changes is an important factor. These changes have caused new marketing strategies to be created as well as forcing companies to find new ways to reach potential customers. Parts of SEO are still the same, but other parts of it have been said to be more marketing based now. Professional SEO companies must employ old school and new school strategies and tactics. It is just not about building links anymore. SEO Companies must think about the entire ball of wax. These companies must bring innovative design, sold calls to action (CTA’s), great content, and know their customers.


If your company has not adapted to these changes yet, then you are already behind the curve. Your company should re-evaluate your strategy and determine what changes should be made. Some marketing areas to include if not already in your arsenal of tactics and strategy have already been briefly covered. Make use of video marketing, social media marketing and definitely start building on a mobile presence. Generate quality content and try establishing a solid e-mail marketing plan. Include some of these areas but not limited to just these marketing suggestions along with a solid foundation of SEO will most definitely create better results and produce higher profits if done correctly. Leave no stone un-turned.

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