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Are Social Media Share Buttons Needed on Every Webpage?

Social Media Sharing

Social Media Sharing

Having the availability to share your content is always a plus, especially if it brings value to the reader. There are other reasons as well. Some will bookmark or share a site for purpose of just liking you or for the option to go back to it at a later time and date. They maybe in the middle of something and do not have enough time to check your site. This bookmarking or sharing will allow them to go back to it. I do this myself at times for the simple fact I may have come across a design ideal or found something I would like to read later.

Sharing Quality Content and Distribution

Good content spreads easier if there is a way to share it. For example your wrote a new blog post and want it to spread to your readers. First, when you publish the post especially through WordPress, the post automatically gets exposure  once published if your accounts are connected. WordPress also gives you a kind of bonus once you have written so many post. This immediate view-able content can spread like wildfire the larger the audience. But why not add to this wildfire spreading by having share options on your pages or post.

Giving this option for  new visitors or current visitors can generate a lot of traffic and spread your name faster. There is a factor that should be considered as well when thinking about adding sharing buttons to a webpage or website. First of all is your content worth sharing? Are you providing just a product or promotion? Does the content you want your visitors to share provide instructional information and is it bringing worthwhile share status. If your believe your content is good enough quality and should be shared you should definitely have sharing options available.

Another factor that has not be talked about yet is the fact; if you do not have sharing options on your pages it is still an available option for some people to have the same sharing functions on their web browsers. These web browser sharing plugins allow your content to be shared still but you do not have a way of knowing if the visitor is using web browser sharing plugins. The safe bet is to have them on your page’s. That way there is always the option.

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Web Design Suggestions for Sharing Placement

The cluttered factor is another one of those decisions that can be made by you or your designer. If it looks cluttered find another solution. Place them at the bottom or on the sides. Most websites have the open space on the left or right to add these sharing options. If not there is always the option to place the sharing options in the footer, high up on the header or an overlay at the bottom of the page.

There are a variety of ways to add these, it will depend on your design and layout structuring to know what is best. Your top resources for sharing are AddThis and ShareThis. Look at LinkedIn for example they have it down to a small few and it takes very little to almost no space to add these sharing options. The amount of code is actually very little when adding these sharing functions and can be relatively easy to implement. If you are not able to access your underlying code (HTML) and (CSS) you should contact your webmaster or consult a web design company to get those sharing functions added.

The Social Rewards

Since the social boom has begun new and exciting changes have been occurring across the web. This increased social media presence on the web has brought about new changes to the search engines and how the search engines rank websites and content. Social indicators have become a proven factor in today’s algorithm’s and is another reason to build a social media marketing presence. Because of these new social indicators it is wise to add those sharing functions on your content and webpages. These social indicators are now able to be tracked through various analytic programs such as Google Analytic and others. Even FaceBook has created their own social data tracking system.

Every social indicator brings value to the table. The search engines are taking into account these indicators. Every time your content or webpage is +1’d or liked it provides a signal to these search engines that your content is meaningful and worthwhile. These indicators can provide better search engine results overall because of it. If you are still trying to decide ask yourself some of these simple questions.

SEO Bullet Points Is your content worth sharing?

SEO Bullet Points Are you providing just a product or promotion?

SEO Bullet Points Does the content you want your visitors to share provide instructional information?

SEO Bullet Points Can those share buttons be added without cluttering?

SEO Bullet Points Do you want better search engine ranking?

SEO Bullet PointsDo you want your content to spread faster?


It is definitely recommended to add sharing options to your content. Make an informed decision and decide because not all content is worthy of being shared. Giving an option to share is a tasty delight for your visitors, while providing this option of sharing allows more opportunity for your content to be spread. SHARE – SHARE – SHARE

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