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How Color Scheme, CTA’s and Web Design Affect Website Visitors

Overall Added Value

Color Wheel and Usability

Color Wheel and Usability

As a Web Designer, Programmer and SEO Specialist it all goes hand and hand for the most part. Knowing your target country or audience can aid in the delivery of your message and what you are trying to accomplish. The design and layout are for sure areas that go overlooked and under factored a lot of the time. Being a Web Designer, programmer and SEO Specialist has definite advantages. This is one of the main sell points for some company’s including mine. Having one company do it all eliminates a third-party and brings more value to the table.

Why are Color Selections Important?

There are tons of color charts on the web for learning different do’s and don’ts of web design and how color effects selection of choice, meaning and decision factoring when a visitor is viewing your website. Selection of color choice for call-to-actions (CTA’s) can be the difference of capturing a lead or losing it. For example using red can signify importance or something requiring urgency. These choices of color selection for CTA’s are extremely important but at the same time should compliment the website or webpage they are placed on.

While keeping this in mind and trying to make it all look appealing to the visitor your links should stand out or at least not be questionable to the visitor. Providing a clear indication for links or CTA’s should be created and implemented into the hierarchy and site design. Easy to understand and see navigable links and buttons will help the visitors stay and will be a much more pleasant experience. These simple design techniques will lead to more page views and conversions for your business as well as a better user experience.

Hiring the Right Company

UX and UI interface and design are some of the core areas that should be understood by a Web Designer, Developer and now a day’s a SEO Expert. Finding company’s with this kind of experience is not as difficult as you might think. With a little research and a few questions you can make a more informed decision before hiring a company to manage all of these services. Although it does not always come cheap, you can still find reputable company’s that will provide all of these services at a comparable price.

Website Usability

While all this is important the usability is one of the other key areas you should understand completely. Some great way’s to get a better understanding of a websites usability is to fully test it yourself, ask for other people to test it, gather input from those individuals about their visit and more. The understanding of a visitors visit is a key component to creating a better user friendly website. There are several way’s to gather this information other than what is mentioned. Try sending out survey’s, e-mails or even go as far as sitting down somewhere and asking someone what they think. Once you have gained some valuable input, apply what you have learned to make it better.

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Remember, your work is never done!

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