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How to win the war Against Black Hatters and Spam

Spam Prevention

Free is Killing the Internet

This is because of fake accounts on Facebook, Google, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and blogs which are the main source of the problem. These company’s should join Google and Bing by creating structured data. We will not even get into the scams and spammers coming from fake e-mail accounts on Yahoo! There was a time when everyday someone with a Yahoo! account would contact me about how their family was hurt or dead and they needed money to get to the states or help save their business. I usually do not pick on people, but most of these fraudsters originate from non U.S. countries.

Although spam can not just be blamed on those people it definitely is not helping the Internet. There are also issue’s at hand concerning link builders selling services cheaply. These cheap SEO services are also causing problems as well. To many one article blogs and one or two word comments out there. This just happens to be another area of spam being out of control. More preventive measure are for sure still needed.

Can it be Done With Authorship?

I am really happy Google has decided to implement this new rel=”author” attribute. Finding way’s to eliminate spam is gaining ground but there are just still to many wood be user’s trying to beat the system. I think it would actually amaze the one’s trying to beat the system, just by following the rules and avoiding black hat techniques at how good they just might do by placing their resources into doing it the proper way.

Maybe it is the challenge black hatters find so cool about it. Difficult to say why they can not do it the same as some reputable SEO company does it. They are missing the big picture here. If they would just follow the rules everyone could benefit from it. Think about it. If the search engines no longer have to spend time preventing it; what a better system we could already have in place.

Window and Linux Hosting Plans

Fewer resources and time would be needed and the value of the Internet could be a much more manageable and happy place to work and play. Black hatters are the plaque of the Internet, they know it and we know it. Every heard the saying “Can’t we all just get along”? Well, this makes perfect sense to me.

Although the rel=”author” is still taking shape, it only requires a little coding work to complete. Google actually created this attribute years ago. When it was first thought of it had a different name back then. Can not recall it at the moment though. The rel=”author” is great because it not only improves the system in place, but strengthens profiles by reassurance to the reader who finds the information on the search engines.

Google Authorship

The rel=”author” also emphasis’ a combative presence against black hatters. There have recently been more and more websites starting to implement the same type’s of systems into their websites. One of the recent one’s is Pinterest. Although providing a way for companies to verify their profiles and accounts is great, it still does not eliminate the problem of duplicate and fraudulent accounts.

Fraudulent accounts run rampant on the Internet. This is an evident sign that these companies must do something to prevent it. For example anyone can create thousands of Google+ pages for the same company or different profiles. This is just a bunch of spam as far as I am concerned. What if people had to pay for a Facebook account or Google+ started charging for account creation? At this point this is one of the only way’s I can think of to prevent spam.

Another possible Solution of Prevention

This is probably not a possible solution but does come to mind and makes sense. What about having an I.P. address for each person, something like a mailing address. This would be completely traceable and sure prevent fake accounts. You could move anywhere and it would not matter. It would never need to be transferred like a change of address and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Another one would be only allowing one or two e-mail addresses per person and forcing some form of verification for each e-mail address registered.

Do you have any suggestions on preventing fake accounts and profiles?
We would love to hear your ideals…

“Eliminate duplicate and fake accounts and we will win the war on spam.”

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  1. jimmy12121
    March 14, 2014 at 6:27 am

    hey dude, i totally agree with you when u say “black hatters” should do it the rite way and see its a lot more powerful, any way, i started in the seo as a black hat Methodist just trying something out to see if the myth was true, well, it worked and ranked my site to number one for 6 weeks, only six weeks? this was my initial thought, i went through hell and back to just be on page one for six weeks. well ty i definitely changed my ways on how to do black hatting as a white hat method (bend the rules not break them) , this still was not full filling enough so i went 100% white hat last year and im having the best results ever.
    i dont think a lot of these guys will change, as this is what they are use to. they make money for six weeks and move on to a new site, but in that six weeks they make a hell of a living

    • March 14, 2014 at 9:02 am

      I have always done SEO through the white hat methods and will never change to shady tactics when it comes to SEO and Internet Marketing. Have read to many reports showing the end result being bad when using black hat tactics.

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