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Unplugging With SmallBox Web Design

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How did you feel?

Redbull GP Indianapolis

Redbull GP Indianapolis

Well, considering I spent almost no time doing anything but working on the business, this is sorta a tough one to answer. Most of the time when I want to unplug I may disappear for an entire weekend to get away from the daily work habits that flow over into the weekend. This has been a regular occurrence for me considering the time and effort being placed into the business. With long hours of work and no play, it can be somewhat a downer at times. One thing that manages to keep me a float is when I finish a project of which I have been working on or some cool new design work. The feeling of knowing I just completed a almost pain staking task can bring great reward knowing it is completed.


What did you do?

Monterrey, CA.

Monterrey, CA.

If I had to say when I unplug the most – on Sunday’s, game time. I never miss the Colts games and usually try and watch other games throughout the day. This is one of the main reason I appreciate football season. It break the norm of sitting around working all day on projects for clients and myself as well.

Of course football season is not around all year long so I try to find other ways to unplug. One of the thing’s I like to do every year and actually missed it this year, is going to the Red Bull GP Races. Going to the races is a great way to leave everything behind and just flat out have some fun for a day or two. Of course this usually involves beer, food and taking  pictures all day. If you have not seen my Facebook page or some of the other profiles listed around the web, there are tons of photo’s showing different race day’s.


The Suzuki Team

The Suzuki Team

Reflect on Your Experience

My passion to ride again is highly missed and plan on getting back to it someday. The joy of riding started when I was at San Diego, California. We used to ride all of the time, every chance we could get. At one point we rode the coastline from San Diego to Monterrey,  CA. to watch my first Super Sport Bike Race. It was great because there was no worries; just riding and having fun.


Unplugging in the Coming Year – 2013

Considering I did not unplug much this year, putting some effort into doing some events such as concerts or the races again is probably a good ideal to do. These are just a few ideals about unplugging this coming year. It would probably been beneficial as well to make it to other events as well. One of those would be a SMX conference. Wanted to go this year but just was not able to make it. To much going on to break away.

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