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What are Some of the Benefits of Video Marketing and Optimization?

Search Video Optimization

Search Video Optimization

Video Marketing

Video marketing is a widespread choice for businesses now a day’s. With increasing market tactics and gaining popularity, video marketing is an aspect of not just SEO, but a solid way to get your message across to your subscribers. Creating a video marketing plan is a great way to find new customers and show off some of your work and the subscribers will come with time. Deciding to create videos to market must be thought out carefully. You should form a plan with an objective in mind. Whether you want to convey a message for your business such as an introduction or promote a new product or service, you should definitely have a clear and concise objective.

Video Creation Factors

There are millions of video minutes being uploaded all the time, some are useful while others are not so great. Some of the contributing factors when creating videos are  budgeting, content quality, resources and deciding what it should concern. No one said you had to spend tons of money to create a video, especially if you are unfortunate enough to be on a shoe string budget. There are plenty of quality and professional videos online that were created on a small budget.

Of course you can find videos of a variety. Some examples are funny videos, music videos, workout videos and videos promoting services or products. No matter what kind of video you are going to create, try to keep it short. Usually about two to three minutes in length or less. Limiting the length of a video helps reduce downloading and uploading times as well. Most viewers view time is limited so they want to get the message fast. Try and state your message clearly right away, this has been proven to capture your viewer’s attention, which leads to longer viewing time.

Now let us Touch on Some Video Basics

Below are some good areas to understand the basics of video search optimization for creating a stronger video marketing campaign.

SEO Bullet Points File Name – Try and follow some form of a naming convention. The standard naming of video files is not enough. Using keywords when naming your video a good thing. This allows for finding your videos more easily on your computer and allows for the search engines to know what your video is about. This simple form of using keywords is a simple but yet more effective measure when optimizing your videos.

SEO Bullet Points Titles – When completing your video titles, use keywords and catchy titles. This not only aids the search engines in finding your video by keywords, but catchy titles can grab the attention of the searcher faster. Giving them a catchy or intriguing title is designed to stand out from the crowd and reel in the viewer.

SEO Bullet Points Descriptions – Crafting a good description has advantages as well. When writing a description for you video, briefly explain what your video is about. You should try to keep it to a minimum, usually 150 characters or less. You should also add a link to your site in your video description and a phone number for contacting you. Adding keywords in your description will also help with the optimization process. Just remember not to over do it though. As you may already know to many keywords is bad SEO.

SEO Bullet Points Tags – Furthermore, a video can be found by making use of tags. Tags are basically a set of keywords in a form of  a category selection. Adding tags is simple and most definitely will help getting that great video you created found. Using targeted keywords is good for tagging options. Try using your most targeted keyword as the first tag as well.


Window and Linux Hosting Plans

Other Advantages of Creating Videos

The capability to share videos is another contributing factor for video promotion. How many times have you watched a video and shared it? I bet plenty. The rewards of social sharing videos can be of great benefit, especially if it is worthwhile. Of course not all videos are worth sharing, but some of those videos get shared anyway. Just think of how significant social sharing can be for your video. There are millions of potential people on the Internet. Every time someone shares your video, it has the possibility of generating a lead or sale if you are promoting a service or product.

The Organic Advantage

Another factor about creating a video, is on the organic level. Videos seem to appear fairly well on the search engine results organically. This can bring more visitors to you. For example think of it like this: you have a video and a website online. You created your video and have spent time marketing your website and video online. With this in mind; finally, the reward comes. You are now organically holding more than one placement on the search engines. Not only have you created a higher percentage for gaining a visitor, you have essentially bumped one of your competitors off for a spot in the organic results. Now you have more than one place listed to be found, your website and a video or videos.

Local Map Advantage

Google Local Placement

Google Maps Placement

Creating videos also can be promoted via local maps as you may already know. Having a video on your local placement is another added value because it can promote your business by giving the searcher something to view about your business. This is good because the searcher may have found your local listing but not your video and wants to learn more about your business. Plus, fully completed map placement profiles usually perform better when completed.


I have personally created about fifty videos at the time of this writing and placed most of those videos in the top ten or seven multiple times. Some of these videos are still resting nicely in some of those organic slots. These videos have created more visitors and lead to multiple sales. There have been times customers have said they choose a particular service just because of the videos. Now how rewarding is that, you now know your efforts and marketing have paid off.

“Video marketing is effective and an exceptional way to promote”.

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