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What did you Learn During 2012? – Success or Failure

What was Learned in 2012

What was Learned in 2012

What was Learned?

I can not say 2012 has been the best of years to this point, while at the same time several new thing’s have been picked up this year though. Some of the primary thing’s I picked up this year were new techniques pertaining to the SEO industry, time management and Cold Fusion programming. Although SEO is something I have been learning every year since I got interested in the industry, it is always and industry of change and staying on top of it all constantly is a necessity to do perform the work properly, at the same time, other avenues and choices must be made a long the way to better enhance overall skills as well while keeping up with those changes.

Areas of Improvment

Some areas of improvement this year cover improvements in programming, how to gather more intelligence from customers and being more prepared before it happens. As I have been creating a full-scale content management system throughout the year, I had to tackle difficult task revolving around programming techniques to make the system function properly while at the same time overcome programming issues I had never encountered before. This was by far a solid year of programming and was the most aggressive programming year of all.

Not only did I learn some new programming tags, functions and features but I learned differences between platforms for hosting as well. Some of the platforms forced a new method of programming structure to be more stable and in a more secure manner. I successfully implemented several new programming tags, learned encryption techniques and learned more and more way’s to utilize functions to get the work completed. All of this allowed for the completion of a successful content management system.

What it Caused

During all of this, I managed to keep up with creating new graphics, working with new clients and creating some really cool new regular expressions all at the same time. In light of all of this new-found knowledge, it also forced me to better manage my time, allowing for my clients to remain happy while at the same time extending my business to tons of new sources with new products and services being added a long the way.

Although the year is not over just yet, most companies have already started assessing what has happened in 2012 and gearing towards new goals for the 2013. It has become very clear this year that the economy has placed some serious strain on businesses and people. This intensified pressure has forced companies to find newer ideals and other means of marketing their businesses with lower and lower cost at the same time. It would appear that this added pressure to keep businesses running efficiently at lower cost has resulted in a tighter sales funnel in some areas. This tighter sales funneling has also placed more selective picking of new employee’s as well. Employers are now picking new employee’s with higher education levels willing to work at lower cost than previously being paid out.

Because of several factors, small businesses have felt some of the added pressure and are placing more time into their businesses to remain a float. With the market becoming more  and more competitive and sales declining in multiple industries, smaller business owners are for sure feeling the heat from the pressured economy. Larger businesses have a much larger part of the overall landscape because of funding and marketing conditions; which are now much greater than before, no matter whether a small or large business.

The Conclusion

This added pressure as forced me as a business owner to learn better time management, forced me to learn more about my weaknesses and strengths, along with better overall management as a business owner. Can not say it has always been pretty every week this year, but the fact is; not to bad overall. I have now become a more widely known business, increased my success rate, found new avenues to reach customers and still steadily have increased stability in the company, started building a brand and learned more and more ways to make it happen overall.

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“Learning is a constant”.

About Ty Whalin

I am a web designer, SEO specialist, programmer and internet marketer entrepreneur. I attended Central Florida Community College where I majored in Computer Information Administration and Rasmussen College studying Computer Information Technology. I am the Founder and CEO of Link Worx Seo, played drums for almost 30 years, father of one daughter and enjoy everything life has to offer.

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