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Duplicated Web Content – Google Authorship and Article Directories

Duplicate Web Content

Duplicate Web Content

The Role of Google Authorship

If you are the author of the article, can Google tell the difference when using article submission services? The facts point to no at this point, but there are more and more sites starting to follow the same authorship standard and business site verification standards. With authorship being more common it is not as such an issue for the larger sites if you place the same article on them without changing it. For example: ArticlesBase.com which you may have already heard of, is a large article website that allows for article posting. Furthermore, this site allows for authorship credentials that proves you are the author of this content.

On the other hand smaller sites or sites that just do not provide quality would be cause for concern. This would be what I consider the most damaging when pertaining to duplication. This also brings to light that plenty of SEO businesses are still providing article directories for purposes of content syndication and link building. Would you consider this to be a form of duplication as well?

Granted you are taking one unique article and spinning it into more than one article of course, but this makes the article unique for each spin off supposedly. Is it really unique though? I say no, these articles are not unique and at the same time being duplicated throughout hundreds of article directories during the process. The reason I bring up this topic is because it still surrounds the notion of duplication and authorship.

With that in mind, does Google form a breaking point in the algorithm for article directories or should they be a thing of the past? I believe that if Google knows you are the author of the content then it does not consider it to be duplicated since Google knows it was produced by you – but in theory.

Article Testing and Measurement – Experiment #1

A while back during the inception of the Google Panda release in early 2011. I ran an experiment on five articles that were then submitted to approximately 500 different article directories. While each article was different they were derived from the same article, more less spin offs. During the process there were gains in the results from this experiment during the process of submission. This was also before Google authorship became a big player in the part of content duplication worries (A.K.A. – Panda).

Since this experiment, there was also consistent content being written and no article directory submissions for the normal web blog post. These web blog post produced a constant set of increasing stats on a monthly basis the entire time and had absolutely no directory submission services what so ever. The same web blog post written were also posted on several high quality sites such as tumbler, ArticlesBase, BloggerSpot and a few other high priority sites without worries of content duplication.

I also utilized CopyScape and set Google Alerts to notify me of any duplicate content issues a foot. CopyScape nor Google Alerts prompted errors surrounding duplicate content issues during that time period. The content is now appearing in the results with the authorship profile image showing from the Google+ profile in conjunction with the post.

This just truly backs up the fact of Google authorship playing a much larger roll revolving around duplicate content concerns. At this point it may appear that article directory submissions could be coming a thing of the past. Although whether article directory submission may prove to be a thing of the past or not is still yet to be seen. This is somewhat of a hunch.

Article Base Profile SERP and byline

Articles Base Profile Search Engine Result and Byline

Article Testing and Measurement – Experiment #2

My next experiment is possibly going to be the same as the first experiment or I may decide to use one web blog post from this blog and submit it to 500 directories. The goal will be to monitor the stats for gains and losses and find out if it out performs the other articles from the previous experiment and any of the post already on this web blog not having any article submissions done at all and the post relying only on Google+ authorship and quality article sites.

Secondly, another part of the goal from this experiment is to find out if Google will recognize this web blog as the originator of the content or will Google consider it to be duplicated content because it finds the same full article within these article directories. By doing this, the goal is to figure out if Google authorship prevents this from being duplicated content since authorship is now a factor for this web blog and shows me as the author now.

What do you think the outcome of this experiment will be? Do you think Google will know that the article is yours even though it is posted in article directories or will Google consider it duplicate content. 

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When article submissions are being done, does it include the entire article for each submission or does it just create a link to an article on a web blog? The purpose of this thought is to define the difference between link building which is just simple anchor text links pointing to a particular article or the fact of posting the full article on an article site. The difference of building a link or posting a duplicate article have defining differences. By now you should understand the difference between what is considered duplicate web content and simple link building tactics. The term is somewhat interchangeable, but are different in retrospect. Article submission is yet a form of link building because you are essentially placing links within the article and building links to articles.

But for the purposes of submitting links to articles for link building, this is not considered a duplicate content issue. The real concern here is if the article being posted on more than one site is a full article being posted on these article sites and having a negative impact from duplicated content. This once again leads us to the same point about Google authorship and how much weight and authority does Google place into authorship? Only time will tell.

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