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Do Natural Organic Positions and AdWord Postions Work Interactively?

Natural Organic Placement and AdWords

AdWords + Organic

How Organic Placement is Affected

Some people seem to be hell-bent on believing that it matters. There is no problem with believing it does have a direct effect on organic placement, but the fact of the matter is; it does not. Although you are entitled to believe what you want to believe, but knowing whether it does or does not is what your really need to know.

I myself at one time thought that it really did make a difference, but have come to learn from tons of reading, discussions, forums and research, it does not directly affect organic placement in the results. Some still say it does directly affect the organic results when you run AdWords, but have no proof of it, other than what some believe they have measured during their AdWords campaigns.

Again, if your data shows you something different so be it. But think about this carefully. You must take into account that everything you do while your ads are running matters as well. For example if you create one link, it directly affects your organic placement, especially if it was a quality link. You must also remember that Google is changing the algorithm daily and it directly affects everyone as well as you and your organic placement.

Secondly, competitors tend to increase their SEO efforts, especially when your company is running ads. Competitors are your competitors for a reason. When other companies notice you gaining ground in the results or notice you are running ads, they too get aggressive in their SEO efforts.  This is what makes it competitive for everyone. Basically, when a competitor builds links, it directly affects you as well, because the results are going to change whether you did any SEO or not.

Third, why would Google knowingly admit that paying for ad placement does not give you an organic ranking boost when Google would have something to gain from it, – Money.

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Remembering Link Brokers

Finally, how many times have you heard, seen or read this on the Internet? Buying your way to the top is bad or buying links is bad? I am sure I can speak for plenty of us when I say, trying to buy your way to the top is not a good SEO move and considered a black hat SEO tactic. This can be a costly mistake for you if you buy relevant links from certain places to improve ranking. Here is why…

Google already knew and still knows what companies are brokering the links and took action. If you are up to speed on this, remember when Google removed certain link brokering companies from the search engine results almost completely a while back? Yes, these were mostly companies brokering links that paid the price when Google decided to take action.

Truth be  told though, that is exactly what people wanted, stop allowing companies to buy their way to the top. Now figure out what would have happened if your company was buying links from one of these link brokering companies? Can you say you would have plummeted to the depths of no return…  Along with the link brokering companies, several other companies got hit pretty hard when this all caught up to them.

A well-known example: JCPenny. They were hit really hard during that time frame as well. Of course JCPenny had several other tactics going on that sent them spiraling for a few to boot. All in all, lesson learned by some. Google even gave warning in advance before rolling out those changes. Google did take a lot of heat for that one though. Some companies are still trying to recover from that one.


The difference here is Google AdWords is different from buying links from a link broker. Buying links from a link broker does directly reflect search engine results; while AdWords does not cause a difference organically. Of course this is my personal opinion learned from several years of research. Like I said, at one point I personally thought it did directly affect natural search listings, but have come to learn otherwise.

Because there was so much controversy surrounding this particular topic, I decided to run some test and dig much deeper into it. This allowed me to finally make a more informed decision about whether it does or does not affect search results. Although If you would still like to think it does directly effect your organic positioning, no problem.  If you have proof of it, send it on over; would love to check it out.

“Remember, buy links at your own risk”.

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