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Spreading the Word of Your Web Blog by Social Networking

Social Blogging

Social Blogging

Making use of Twitter

I have spent hours on end gaining contacts for Twitter. You may become discouraged when you first get started trying to establish contacts/followers but persistence will pay for itself eventually. Like any good search engine optimization you must maintain a constant campaign to prove to be effective. Social media marketing is no different and is just not about creating contacts and posting links. You must engage in conversations,  Mention your followers and allow time for the word to spread.

Know Your Followers

You should also take the time to actually look at the website your followers are providing a link too. This may seem to be time-consuming, which it is; but it also can provide other way’s of connecting other than just through Twitter itself. Sometimes one website can provide information that catches your attention that you may have never found without visiting the website from Twitter. For example: there have been several times without using a search engine, I have found great content and information just by researching my followers and what they have to say or show.

Because of this, when you find something you like or of importance to you, sharing becomes almost a must because you want to let people know you like something or have found information worth sharing. This can bring more visitors to a website and produce more exposure for your business. You may also want to be more selective with what types of followers you’re connecting with and I highly recommend making as many of your followers validate themselves to avoid spammers to non-loyal followers.

Marketing a Web Blog

Simply showing off your web blog and posting links on twitter or just about anywhere can provide a substantial increase in visitors to your blog site. For instance, let’s say you just posted a new article and would like to show off it off. A simple Tweet can provide that extra traffic to  your web blog you were missing because it can be spread throughout your follower community very fast. Plus, if it is worth spreading the chances increase even more that your followers  will spread your content for you as well. Of course Twitter alone is not enough to bring home the bacon, but can help spread the word about your web blog quickly.

Networking Your Blog Content

If you have not done so already, try establishing some networks in other areas, such as LinkedIn, ExploreB2B, BlogLines, Blogger, NetWorkedBlogs, Blog.com and Digg for starters. Several of these resources are great to show off your work being written and created. While connecting on some of these networks, you can establish contacts with people or companies interested in what you might have to say, especially if it can help. Generating any means of connecting to others can be helpful but is also a time-consuming process as well.

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Final Social Note

Do not forget to mention and follow others on some of these networks or interact them as much as possible. It will bring value to the table eventually. Remember that sooner or later your efforts from this will be rewarded. A great place to get started on Twitter is to make use of the Follow Friday. Until I had a guest blogger explain to me what Follow Friday was, I had no ideal of what #ff meant that I kept noticing. Believe me, I kinda laughed at myself because I have been doing this for sometime and looked at all kinds of info-graphics on Pinterest. Which was amazing considering how many of those info-graphics I had read and looked at since Pinterest started. Once I got a clue of what #ff was about, I began making use of it.

Since then I have been posting a #ff for someone new every Friday with hopes of the same being done for me. Yes, #ff me if you will. 🙂 I suppose this is a give and take type of situation, but from what I have learned about it; it can be a beneficial effort. O’ yeah one more thing, Pinterest is another great place to post your web blog content as well. Since I started posting my web post on Pinterest, my visitor count and followers has increased fairly well.


As you can see, there are lots of different way’s to spread the word of your web blog, not just by posting links to areas but by interacting as well. The combination of interacting and engagement along with posting in proper areas can do serious justice to bringing forth your accomplishment of spreading the word. Of course there are tons of other great ways to market your web blog, but the ones provided on this post can get you started. Do not forget to #ff me #linkworxseo – @LinkWorxSeo and follow me on Pinterest.

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