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A Helpful Purchase Guide on Website Domain Names Before Expiration

What to do before a domain name expires

Domain Name Expired

This is some information I compiled surrounding domain names being purchased or expiring. I came across this on Google while doing some research on domain names and link building. Domain names that are expired are given a page rank (PR) of zero once they are expired. Now there are some time stipulations set on domain names the keep them in the registrar for some specified amount of times. Although most registrars will keep domain names active until a time of 30-45 day’s has been reached.

If you plan to buy a domain name and can purchase this domain name within that time, before it expires; this would be more beneficial to you. Reason being, the domain name can still keep its’ page rank (PR) by purchasing it before it actually expires. This is of benefit to you since you can keep the page rank (PR) associated with the domain being purchased. Although page rank (PR) is really not a determining factor for search engine ranking anymore, you are still going to be able to keep the domain name age and authority that comes with it as long as you make the purchase before the expiration date set.

Is Domain age Important, how Important?

One of the importance’s of the domain name not expiring is for the age that comes with a domain name that has been up and running for a while. If you did not know it, domain name age is a very important contributing factor when purchasing domain names. You might think of it like buying a significant piece of property. As with real-estate, the value of the property can go up and down; as the same for a domain name. When purchasing domain names you are essentially placing a value on the domain name at hand. If this domain name has keyword value, age and authority; you can then begin to understand that the value for this purchase would be higher than if you were trying to buy a brand new domain name. This is why making the purchase before the domain name is reset is utmost important.

Window and Linux Hosting Plans

Why Purchase Domain Names Before They Expire?

Buying out a business not only increases your company assets but can bring advantage from a marketing stand point. Gaining those anchor text links becomes a benefit because you are now acquiring newly established inbound links from the domain name or business purchase. As with any company beginning to take shape and increases in revenue, you are investing into it; just like a piece of property as compared to already. This domain name purchasing is considered an investment into your company. The more you establish this domain name and build links; the more valuable the domain name becomes to you or anyone company wanting to make the purchase of it.

By making this purchase before the expiration date, the search engines will continue to index the links already built for the domain name being purchased. Even though it maybe a parked domain page, you can redirect the parked domain to the domain of your choice by changing the Domain Name Server (DNS) in the admin section of the company you purchased the domain from at that time. One other common question that gets asked often is this:

Is the Juice passed on?
– Simple answer, Yes

Expired URL's

Expired URL’s

So, as you can see; making the purchase before expiration becomes even more important. Why would you want to purchase something after the value of its’ investment has dropped and can only be regained by you investing back into it.? You would not want it that way, unless you really just did not care. Well hopefully this has been helpful to you at this point, keep reading to understand more about what can be done once a domain name has been purchased…

You may need to hire a Programmer or SEO company to implement this as well which will aid in benefiting from a domain name purchase.

Do mod Rewrites, Redirects and Make use of Canonical Links.

SEO Bullet Points 301 Moved Permanently (Recommended)

SEO Bullet Points 302 Found (HTTP 1.1) / Moved Temporarily (HTTP 1.0)

SEO Bullet Points 307 Moved Temporarily (HTTP 1.1 Only)

SEO Bullet Points <link rel=”canonical” href=””>

SEO Bullet Points 404 Not Found

SEO Bullet Points Make use of robots.txt file

SEO Bullet Points Try and avoid meta refresh as well.

You will want to make sure that all pages from the new domain are fixed by adding the proper code to your .htaccess file or programming your redirects into your pages directly. Of course there is more than one way to do these and will be dependent on the programmer or SEO company performing the task. So if you are new to this and are trying to perform this on your own you might check out Wikipedia for a full list of available page error codes. This is for sure to help you gain a better understanding of what each code stands for all in all. You can also check out a previous post concerning the use of rel=”canonical” here.

Term of Domain Name, How Much Impact to the Results Does it Have?

Extending the purchase time of a domain name is beneficial from the eye’s of the search engines. The search engines rely on this long-term verse short-term domain name buying as an indicator you are going to be around for a few. Because of this extended domain name purchasing of extended lengths of time, you are going to gain trust and authority with the search engines because they know you are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Does Having Multiple Domains Pointed to one Core Domain Hurt or Help?

SEO Bullet Points Make sure 301 redirects are pointing to the core domain.

SEO Bullet Points Do not build links for the other domain names, If you already have links to a non- core domain, that is fine.

SEO Bullet Points Domain name forwarding (DNS)

SEO Bullet Points Buying multiple domains with links built already and directing them to a core domain is link harvesting.

How Does the Search Engines Know if you are Buying a Business and Redirecting?

SEO Bullet Points First, the domain was not parked to begin with.

SEO Bullet Points Secondly, header status redirects.

SEO Bullet Points Link building may not continue once the purchase is complete.



GoDaddy Parked Domain Names

GoDaddy Parked Domain Names

As you may have noticed, there are several areas to consider when purchasing a domain name; especially before it expires. This simple guide should help you before making your decision on a domain name purchase. By following this information you are now well informed about areas surrounding domain names, redirects, parked domains and what you are doing to encounter during the process of purchasing.

Although some of this information contained here is not just for novice individuals it is directed at helping you make a more informed decision whether you seek help with the matter or are just trying to do it on your own. There are lots of other resources available and you may want to read up some more on the topic before making you final decision of hiring someone to help or before venturing out to do it on your own.

“Inform yourself, then decide”.

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