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The Google web Directory Smack Down – The Good the bad the Ugly

Google cracks down on web directories.

Web Directory Submission

Why can Google just not index these web directories they believe to be not so worthy? Google can still let company’s submit to directories but do not have to index these directories. Sure Google can still then chose which ones are valid or not.  So what is now considered an honest legitimate directory for safe inclusion? Well, it should be safe to say that Manta, Merchant Circle and those big name quality sites are as safe now as they were before this change. But of course that is not etched in stone.

The Google Attack

Google is attacking the low quality sites that you can find free directory submission too. Or the directories that require a minimal listing fee. This new change in algorithm now shows more shift to quality vs. quantity as I personally have been saying for some time now. I also believe this is more push for Google’s authorship program in place as well.

This is also going to cause a reduction in the resources Google needs to maintain equipment, personnel and management to provide quality search results. Google may also be trying to force out some of these issues because of the all to well-known spam epidemic we all see every day on the web. Or another aspect of it may be to bring more reason to the table for companies to use Google AdWords. This would seem to be a scare tactic as well as a strategical move to force companies to do so.

The Power of Google

But one thing to keep in mind through all of these changes. Do not forget about the other search engines available. These other search engines still produce desirable results as well. Just because Google say’s that the directories are not longer good, does not mean that these other search engines do not. You can not let yourself get pigeon holed into just Google. But the down side to that thought is the greatness of Google.

For example you continue to use these directories that Google deems no longer valid. You may be okay with those other search engines but then you get the big “NO, NO” from Google. As a result you climb in other search engines but take the plunge on Google. Google has the ultimate control, which is why the option of using these directories actually goes away. Google is essentially controlling these other search engines because of that outcome of their authority.

Window and Linux Hosting Plans

Loss of Anchor Text

Now with all that being said, what happens to anchor text from these changes. Clearly many company’s have used these directories for link building and the availability of generating percentages of anchor text in an effort to produce a desired result for the keywords of target. This now generates fewer options to target keywords through anchor text manipulation through these directories. Which in turn puts more emphasis on web content and authorship of your content. So producing quality content is ever so important because you then are attaching yourself to it and allowing for some kind of anchor text possibility through the use of your own web content being created.


It is in my opinion that Google may not be necessarily trying to undermine their competitors, but actually trying to create a better Internet. Sure it seems a bit shady, which it might be; but as we all know the Internet is full of spam. If company’s or individuals are forced to provide recognition to themselves for the work they are completing, why not make them attach something to it proving they are the producers of the work.

Although I can not agree that penalizing work that has already been done by company’s which has worked fine for years is the correct thing to do by Google at the same time. Google must create a way to not penalize these company’s for years of web directory submissions. It is just not fair for Google to yank the rug out from underneath these company’s. To much is at stake. Google should just stop indexing these web directories of insignificance.

By allowing company’s to still use these directories advertising can still continue through these directories without being indexed by Google. This still can provide a means of advertising without being penalized. Because you never know when someone is going to come to your business online and where they just might come from. Not all business is generated through someone doing a search on Google or some search engine.

“SEO changes, stay current”.

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