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How to Improve Your NAP for Better Local Placement

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NAP Time

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The article is for sure helpful, especially if you are looking to increase your SEO Local presence.  Some simple strategies for finding out more about your competition is to just simply locate the competitors on the local 7-Pack listing in the results and copy and past the address in the Google search window with quotes around it; like this:


Link Worx Seo 2325 W Thompson Rd, Indianapolis, IN (317) 614-7383” 

This will produce a ton of results for the company being searched assuming the company you search for has done local SEO work. But something I noticed when using this technique to locate local citations of a business. When using the above method wrapped in quotes, the quotes are stripped off after you navigate away from the first page results. But rest assured, the results are still providing a powerful way to locate critical SEO citations.

Just make sure you use the correct company information for the results and do not worry about the quotes being stripped off. You will get different results if you do not use the correct NAP listing and quotes as listed above. An important part of the NAP is to make sure the address is the same on all of them, as this provides better results and no strength is lost. You will learn more about this farther down, so keep reading.

Local Keyword Triggering

Locate local niches for your competitors by knowing what keyword triggers to use.

Keyword Niche Triggering

You can locate a competitor through keyword triggering. The closer you are to a downtown areas, the better your local possibility will be on the 7-Pack results. Otherwise you are going to have to do more link building and put more effort into getting that local listing to the top 7-Pack.

Finding the Right Niche

You may be able to locate a niche when using different keywords during your searches. For example, when you search and no local 7-Pack is displayed in the results or a low amount of results in the 7-Pack are produced. You now know the niche because no results or little results are produced. To further add to this, you can use great keyword tools to locate niches and then try those niches in the searches to find out what is triggered for the 7-Pack.

Although the strategy above for finding out what the competitors are doing is great, there are some companies out there that can make it easier to find out what your competitors are up to. A few years ago I come across an article on SEOMoz and saw a company named White Spark. Great place to learning more about your competitors and local citations.

But for the freebie way of doing thing’s from the method above is the way to go if you are running on a tight budget. Although the service provided by White Spark is a not a free service for the most part, it is well worth the money spent.

Geo-Graphical Location

Google Maps

Google Maps

I briefly covered the ideal of business location and proximity to downtown areas. The “centroid” is the way Google identifies the radius from the center focal point starting from the center and going outward. This basically is how Google determines your point of business from the center of downtown. So, the closer you are to downtown the greater chances you will appear in the local 7-Pack search results.

Okay everyone, move your businesses to downtown…

Local Business Listings

There are all kinds of great websites to get your business listed in. You should be able to locate several of these sites by simply doing the searches on your competitors and paying attention to their listings. Of course the higher the quality the better the results. The relevancy is another contributing factor for these citations along with getting those much-needed local reviews. Not only does this provide stronger 7-Pack placement but building your brand reputation is extremely important.

Those local reviews can provide great insight to your customers as well as provide activity the search engines require when new reviews are posted. There are all kinds of ways to obtain reviews for your business, just take your time at it.

For all you drinking and driving people out there, here are you local check points to remember for local placement.

Local Check Points

SEO Bullet Points Keyword Triggering

SEO Bullet Points The Right Niche

SEO Bullet Points Geo-Graphical Location

SEO Bullet Points Local Business Listings

SEO Bullet Points Citations


 As for NAP, I am about to find out what happens to local listings when you go through and update the entire address to a new one. Have been doing it slowly over time to try to keep it natural looking, but limited data at this point to confirm any negative effects. Trying to prevent link churning. Link churning is when you change the anchor text on links. Link churn is allowed but you must do it at a slow pace to look natural.

An example of link churning, about a year ago I went through local business listing’s and the local search engine placements and changed a telephone number for Link Worx Seo. There were some unusual ups and downs to my placements. It was done fairly quickly and believe it was done to fast. These up and down fluctuation’s in the results were probably because of link churning. Not all business listing changes are going to directly affect anchor text, so just pay attention to the listing’s that change your anchor text and browser titles.

Hopefully, this gives you some good in-sight on how to change out your local listing’s or build on your local presence. If you need help working on your local business listing’s, as always just dial or e-mail.

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