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How can Geo-Targeting Help Businesses

Expand your business reach by targeting cities and states.

Location Specific Targeting

What is Geo-Targeting?

This is a form of location specific targeting where you literally choose specific locations to market your services or products too. A simple way to understand this objective is to think of it as local listing services that show local results in the search engines. But the main difference is that you have to create specific pages targeting those areas you wish to advertise too. But since these pages are not actually listed in the local results that are truly not local result listing’s, but actual web pages targeting locations by city or state.

Many businesses do not have the time or resources to create such an array of pages aimed at targeting by a city or state basis. This is a time-consuming production of pages that requires research and resources to make it happen. As a result of this large under taking, the cost can sky-rocket quickly and exceed the usual small business budget. Although it is a great strategy, you must consider all variables of time, scope and cost.

Here is an example of page specific and not local listing specific geo-targeting.

Page A: Home Page. The business is located in Indianapolis, IN.

Page B: Geo-Targeted Page. The page is still part of the Indianapolis based business but the outreach is being extended to a larger targeted audience or radius of distance extending beyond Indianapolis, IN.

For a local listing the radius of reach can be set but may not always appear in the local results since the business is based out of Indianapolis, IN. So the work around to grow the business is to create the pages targeting areas beyond Indianapolis, IN. This details writing and marketing your services or products to the next city or state that you already understand will not show in the local listing results.

Since you are required to provide a website address, telephone number and an address for local listing results, establishing more local results is not possible by using the same information of which you already have used for the local listing created for the business unless you actually have a place of business in different areas of which you can do so. Because of this, page specific geo-targeting is beneficial because you do not need to create new local listing’s which require a different address and telephone number.

There are two basic forms of geo-targeting pages. One is a landing page style and the other is an informative or project based page that matches the look and feel of the actual website design for the business. The landing page type are great for A/B testing and mixing it up. This form of page can be tested and measured to learn what works and does not work. So one location may have the contact form on the right while a different page may have the form on the left. By measuring the results, you can gain proper insight about what works well when customers land on those pages. Other parts of A/B testing include changing the content on the page, using different bullet points, wording it differently and even changing color of call to action buttons.

What is the Value of Geo-Targeting?

The greatest value is in the expansion of the business. You essentially are going to gain a greater outreach equating to a larger target audience. You are going to gain the SEO value of more pages targeting more keywords and establishing more possibilities of search engine results. Now, whether you are deciding to create pages with the same effect by displaying projects you have worked on or just want to create landing pages targeting location specific states or cities, the value is worthwhile as a long-term strategy.

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