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How to Prevent Your own Visits on Google Analytics?

Prevent Google Analytic Tracking Code

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Recently, I implemented some changes to the source code that allowed visits to not be recorded by the developers and designers visiting a clients website.  These visits when recorded are producing false results in the Google Analytic accounts. In light of these recorded events, it seemed to me that the information was not giving an accurate account of data to the clients on the weekly and monthly reporting. So I went in search of a solution to prevent the data from being recorded. I found several way’s of preventing the visits from being recorded.

First, I started off by locating a post on LinkedIn. This discussion board provides some user discussion and interaction about the topic at hand. You can also find other links to sources covering the topic as well.

If you are in search of a more complicated method and have the skills and access to source code, then you might want to do it yourself with the Google Analytic Code. This is a link to the Google Developers website. You can find a variety of information pertaining to the Google Analytic Tracking Code for implementation.

You may also opt to make use of the Google Filtering option with-in Google Analytic. You can set IP filtering easily with a static IP or by using specific regular expressions to filter by IP addresses as well. This is not one of the easier methods to prevent tracking of your visits because you have to manually implement it with-in GA. Although you will need to be careful about creating the IP filter, as not to filter out any other IP’s you may want to track as a visit. There is also an IP Address Range Tool available on the page for creating the filter.

The Google Opt out ad on is one I personally have not used but the reviews say it works well for most situations. It works the same as Ghostley. You can install the plug-in on Google Chrome browsers to prevent you data from being recorded by Google Analytic. I personally installed a the Ghostley plug-in because it comes with some other features such as the ability to shut it on or off and whitelist creation. I recommend this plug-in for the added features. May need to test the other one from Google to find out how well it works. There is a final one named the Analytics Blocker which is actually receiving bad reviews. Have not used this one for any length of time. Just shows that reviews are powerful.


Well hope this was a helpful post for all of you. As you can tell there are a variety of methods available to prevent Google from tracking your website visits of yourself or employee’s. Of course the method of prevention is going to depend on several factors such as having access to the source code and the technical expertise of being able to implement it vs. being able to just install a plugin directly on the Chrome Browser. At this point you decide. Until next time enjoy.

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