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Free Sitemap Creation, Validation and Submission

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Sitemap Validation and Sitemap Submission

Sitemap Validation

Free Sitemap Creation

Considering all the available resources for creating sitemaps, this one is the best around as far as I am concerned. I personally have tinkered around with several sitemap programs and multiple sitemap generators online. Some charge for these services but there are plenty of free resources available online. The option is yours. If you want a good free sitemap or are willing to pay for some extra goodies, then this is the one for you. I use this one to get started usually; then add-on from here. XML Sitemaps.com


Free Sitemap Validation

After you have created your sitemap or changed the original you may want to validate it. Which of course is a good suggestion if you are changing or adding XML code to the sitemap. The code itself is really not that complex and relatively simple to change, but since you are human; errors can occur. Usually typing errors or forgetting to close a tag or two. Do not worry validating is as easy as copying and pasting your code from the sitemap into a text area. There are several validator’s available, but this is the best one you will find online at no cost. W3C Sitemap Validatorblog-white-inner-seperator Free Sitemap Submission

Finally, you will need to make sure the sitemap or sitemaps are submitted to the search engines. There are several options for sitemap submission available, but once again the best option if you got the time is the free option.

This is a free account and actually is very nice of Attracta to offer for free of cost. I have been using this site for years. Very easy to manage and e-mail notifications are sent when updates are needed. One part that is different about Attracta is the fact that the company creates their own version of an HTML sitemap and submits it to the search engines. You do not actually get the sitemap code, but for quick and easy submission without worrying about the sitemap and code. This is a good start.

For those more experienced webmasters, webmaster tools (Bing) are the best to submit your sitemaps to the main search giants. Bing, Yahoo! and Google. Of course your websites must be validated through the webmaster tools accounts first before doing so. You must have access or provide access for to your webmaster to add certain validation code to your website. Although there are three options available to validate your website with webmaster tools you will need access to the code no matter what way you decide to validate your website.

Once you are connected to webmaster tools, (Google) you can then manage your website and submit your sitemaps very easily at no cost. This is the best and most recommended way to submit your sitemaps. As always, if you have questions or concerns, just drop a line. Will be glad to help.

“This was all free sitemap services”.

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