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Adobe Cold Fusino

As Cold Fusion began to emerge back in the day when Macromedia was a big name, this is when I got interested in it. Although my first encounter with Cold Fusion did not happen until I got my hands on a copy of Dreamweaver version 4. At the time I was attending college and had the desire to program and learn what makes a website tick just as I do today. I thought it was the coolest to program and it was where the big money was at in the industry. After realizing there were so many programming languages out there and trying to learn several of them at the same time, I came to the conclusion narrowing it down too just a few select languages was a good ideal.

From there on I have remained faithful to Cold Fusion and at one time had read some articles that it was a dying language. Well Macromedia was bought by what is now known as Adobe. Boy were those articles wrong. I continue to program websites with Cold Fusion and have posted multiple blog comments on famous Cold Fusion programmer blog’s such as: Ben Nadel, Ray Camden and Ben Forta, Nate Weiss, Leon Chalnick and Angela Buraglia.

The majority of the time I could always get the answer I was searching for from these valuable sources, but there have been times I just could not accomplish the programming I desired. This in turn forced me to become more of a developer with the language of Cold Fusion. I since then have created a custom content management system for my clients to create web pages on the fly, while allowing them to manage it at the same time.

Although I have not perfected all aspects of my content management system yet, it is only time before it is perfectly executed on all levels. At one point I almost gave up on Cold Fusion. I could just not do all the thing’s it seemed were being done with other programming languages such as PHP. One day I had an epiphany, it just started clicking day in and day out. I spent more and more time trying new techniques and reading more and more about Cold Fusion. Every since then I have not stopped working with Cold Fusion or given up on it as I once almost did.

I suppose after all these years of programming with Cold Fusion I should have started some kind of blog pertaining to Cold Fusion, but until now it was not done. I have now since decided that I have been apart of the Cold Fusion community for some time now and it is high time to start writing about some of my programming with Cold Fusion. I would like to give special thanks to those people mentioned above for all the help through these years of learning Cold Fusion programming. I must say that one of my most valuable sources for learning the language had come from the Cold Fusion Web Application Construction Kit, the Developers Pocket Guide and the Application Development books.

Looking forward to more CF…

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