Pay per Click (PPC) Advertising and Management

Pay per Click Services (PPC)

Pay per Click Services (PPC)

Are you gaining from your efforts of running a Pay per Click campaign?

Understanding what PPC is and how it plays a roll in your marketing efforts is the first step in gaining more from you Pay per Click advertising. Pay per Click marketing also know as search engine marketing can be a very beneficial aspect of marketing your business. It can be used for brick-and-mortar business or online businesses. Now it is more common for online businesses, but works for either or.

If you are wondering how, this is how. Say for example you do not have a website online and you need somewhere for those people clicking your ad to go. You can easily create a profile somewhere or utilize Google+ Local for your brick-and-mortar business. Creating profiles for a business can be done for free on several websites on the Internet and having a website is just not necessary to make a Pay per Click campaign work for you.


Build and They Will Come Notion

Many people are sold a new website under the notion that if you have a website you will be in business. Well, let us clear this up. The build it and they will come scenario only works if you are marketing you business to the right people. This is one of the main reasons SEO has become such an important field for businesses wanting to gain profit.

To many times I have run across business or people that had a website created and can not figure out why they are not making a profit from it. Well, ladies and gentlemen it boils down to this. You must marketing your business by any means possible. Whether you are printing business cards and handing them out or are marketing your business online, you have got to invest into it. This is why Pay per Click advertising is used for businesses and can be extremely beneficial for businesses just starting out.

If you are just starting your business and have implemented a SEO strategy, it can take some time to gain those organic results you desire for your business. This is why having a solid Pay per Click campaign for businesses starting out can be extremely helpful when trying to get your business of the ground.

Creating a Pay per Click campaign for a business just getting started can bring that immediate online presence you need to generate revenue immediately. You are not having to wait for those long-term SEO gains for organic results because it will allow you to be seen instantaneously through ads. So if you plan to run Pay per Click ads make sure you have placed it into the hands of a competent company able to get the best return on your efforts.

Locating a Pay per Click Management Company

As you may already know, creating Pay per Click ads does not have to take place on the major search engines. You can run Pay per Click ads on Facebook, LinkedIn and several other high profile sites. These alternate ads can generate leads and sales as well, but probably may not be efficient enough for your new business. So if you decide to run ads on the major search engines, be sure you are going to get the best return possible. Some companies cater only to businesses looking to run Pay per Click ads. One that I personally recommend it WordStream. This company is one of the best in the business for managing Pay per Click ads, but it also comes at a cost.

If your budget is really tight or you just want to keep your spend down, you might try searching for some other alternatives. There are plenty of other companies available that can do just as well at a lower cost.

Creating an Effective Pay per Click Ads

Creating an effective Pay per Click campaign is just not about slamming a bunch of keywords into it and creating some dubious ads. Careful consideration should be given to the ads. Make sure you are marketing to the correct demographics and making your ads effective enough to get the searchers attention. It is also recommended that you run some type of sale that is really going to grab the searchers attention.

Take a look at what the competitors are doing for targeted keywords. Understanding what the competition is doing and what kinds of ads they are running is another important aspect of creating a good Pay per Click campaign. Otherwise you will probably just be spinning your wheels. You may even be able to find a specific niche that those competitors are not targeting. Trying to out bid your competition can be a very difficult task for the more competitive keywords.

In general, more generic keywords more competitive and usually cost more per click. So finding a niche can be more beneficial for you. An example of this would look something like this:

Examples by Numbers

Results for Kittens

Results for Kittens


If you will notice there are 15,200,00 search results approximately being displayed. This would be considered a very competitive keyword “Kittens”. Now, take a look at the second set of results for “Kittens With Red Mittens”. This search only produced 273,000 results approximately.

Results for Kittens With Red Mittens

Results for Kittens With Red Mittens


You should be able to see the noticeable difference from these examples. By targeting a niche or more specific keywords you are not longer competing on such a high level of competition. So finding a niche can be an advantage as well it will reduce your cost. The downside of a niche, is that it only places you into view of a more limited number of possibilities. But the upside is this, other than reducing cost by doing this, you are also targeting someone specifically in need of “Kittens With Red Mittens”. Because of this being a niche, you have directly targeted someone looking for something more specific and not someone performing a broad search.

Now, you may have noticed these examples are not actually showing ads, which is not necessarily a bad thing. What may I be saying by it not being a bad thing? Well, would it not make sense to run ads for those keywords or phrases if there are not ads showing at all or even a limited set of ads? Presto, you have now essentially found a niche market to target. You just increased your chances of making a profit by finding a niche now one is targeting.


Hopefully this has signed some light onto what Pay per Click is and what it can do for your business. There is plenty more to cover surrounding Pay per Click and running other ad campaigns, but is more advanced Pay per Click information than what was intended here. If you want to run a Pay per Click campaign for your business, make sure you are selective about who you chose to help you or you just might be at a loss.

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