Social Media

Social Media

Social Media

How can Social Media Help my Business?

Social media marketing (SMO) will enable your company to establish a strong Internet presence and build credibility with both current and potential customers. Using social media strategies; such as content writing, bookmarking, brand promotion along with social media profile creation will generate traffic and links to your website. This form of lead generation produces conversions and brand awareness know as “word of mouth” marketing.

To connect you with your company’s target market, your social media strategy must provide a targeted audience and content that attracts their attention while encouraging your readers to share your content with their social networks and connections. The idea is not just to sell your business, but to create a relationship that establishes you as a trusted authority in your particular industry. Once you establish this trust, people will start to spread the word for you. This type of media buzz creates a solid reputation and creates the kind of branding desired for your online business.

What are Some of the Main Reason’s for Social Media Marketing?

  • Create’s brand awareness for your website and business
  • Allows participation in online forum discussions
  • Attract’s a targeted audience
  • Product promotion and sales
  • Generate’s other channel’s to inform your audience
  • A place to distribute quality content for your readers
  • Sharing of images and videos on social networks
  • Instant feeback from customers and engagement

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is an ideal link building strategy with several benefits. Social bookmarking can bring about recognition through sharing and your links being placed around relevant content to your business. In the world of SEO, social bookmarking is considered as a link building tactic that can spread the word about your website throughout the web. Social bookmarking can be extremely beneficial if it is done correctly. Making use of tags for your bookmarking can be searchable text along with your link by the search engines which is what you want. Creating an effective tagging system can be extremely time consuming but the rewards are very nice. Social bookmarking is not just about bookmarking your websites and moving on. There is actually a strategy that should be implemented, such as the right keywords, anchor text and a solid tagging system. There are several social bookmarking websites the charge for their bookmarking services and theses site come highly recommended because they are of high authority to the search engines. Another benefit of social bookmarking is that it allows for easy sharing of your content and can produce organic results of significance when done correctly while allowing easy sharing with peers and interested people.

Social Media

Social Media

Social bookmarking is a great way to help your business grow and is an important part of the SEO process. Our social bookmarking services will change your website’s ranking, traffic and generate more leads. Link Worx Seo provides these social bookmarking services to help boost your online presence as part of our overall SEO process. Part of the SEO plan encompasses a wide variety of link building with social bookmarking being another portion of the big picture. Our social bookmarking services with help your business gain better traffic on the web and attract more people to your business. Keep in mind that social bookmarking by itself is not enough and all other venues of the SEO process should not be excluded for a solid SEO campaign. These social bookmarking services do require monthly fee’s and can be changed and updated regularly.

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