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Our SEO Blog in Review for 2013 – WordPress

December 31, 2013 Leave a comment

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 6,600 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Which way is Better – External Blog or Internal Blog?

March 7, 2013 2 comments
Do you blog internally or externally?

Blogging Platforms

Blogging and SEO Results

Currently I am testing out both of the theory’s myself. I have two websites that utilize the content on blogs externally and another site that does not use an external blog for content for the main websites. I use the content from these two external blogs by pulling the content from those blogs into the main sites from the feeds created by the external blogs. This can also be somewhat considered a form of content cu-ration  The third one in this theory does not use any of the content on the blog to the main site and actually does not even have a link to the external blog from the main site.

So at this point these businesses are producing blog results either way. This is great because I actually have live examples to show this data being monitored in Webmaster Tools and Google Analytic. Plus the great stats monitor in the Word Press Dashboards adds to the data that can be utilized as well.

Internal Blogging on Main Websites

More and more websites now a day’s are creating blogs which are directly incorporated right into the main websites. This does bring new content to the main sites, but also eliminates good inbound links coming from an external blog. Of course if you do not know by now, you are behind. Fresh web content is one of those wonderful factors the search engines appreciate. This new content created on the main site of an external blog tells the search engines you are wanting to be indexed again. Whether you WordPress blog pings the search engines or you produce this content on a main website blog; they know you created content and want it included in the results. Assuming it is of a rel=”follow”. Otherwise it will not be indexed.

This would be one of the other contributing factors surrounding internal blogging. You can have full-control over the links being created for one thing. For example the anchor text being used; which applies to external blog post as well, but also the fact of being able to internally link to other pages on the main website that can bring that link juice as long as it is of a rel=”follow”.

As you may know by know internal linking is one of the main contributing factors for on-page SEO that can help you rank your website pages. This internal linking can pass along the link juice from one page to the other. But not just that, it also creates a positive effect for hierarchical structure. Good page navigation is one of those other important on-page SEO factors that makes it easier for your visitors to find content and navigate around the website.

You can also use this internal linking to funnel your visitors to specific pages, such as for capturing a lead or showing off that new post you just wrote. There are lots of reasons to have full-control of what you can and can not do on your main website by creating a blog directly on it. Now let us cover the external blogging concept…

Window and Linux Hosting Plans

External Blogging Separate From Main Websites

Okay, we have covered the topic of internal blogging on a main website; let us not cover some of the reasons for external blogging. Before I go any further, I would like to address the notorious spam that is running rampant on the Internet. From my point of view no one in the SEO industry likes spam unless you are one of those black hatters or a company trying to sell off that automated software that does it for you. My suggestion is to keep from spamming and that automated software. Trust me, this automated software and spamming does not help. As a matter of fact it does more damage than good to you business and brand. Stay away from it at all cost.

Next, external blogs can be a great resource for inbound traffic to a main website. For one thing you are creating a valuable resource as long as it is of quality to the visitors of the blog. Not only that, but you can still generate some quality links leading back to your main website with anchor text of choice; along with a rel=”follow” link as well.

At this point you are still getting the same effect as if it is an internal blog on a main website because you are still creating web content of quality, generating inbound links and still have control of the rel=”attribute” as well. But the downside is not being able to control the internal linking for the main website.

Now you can build links to the main site and pass along some of that link juice to you main website, but you lose that control of internal linking on the main website. Instead you are maintaining another website that will require the same effort as the main website requires. You will have to promote the external blog and the main website as well. Of course having the external blog is an effort to help build links and promote your main website, but your efforts have to be doubled since you are now maintaining to website platforms. As you will notice below the stats adequately show day’s of posting and day’s of not posting and what constant content can do for a blog.

Blog post monitoring from WordPress.

WordPress Blog Stats

As stated your internal architectural structure on your main website is an important factor for on-page SEO, hence the same applies to your external blog platform as well. In essence you are placing your efforts into two websites in an attempt to generate traffic to your main website. So you might ask the question of why create an external blog when you are just trying to drive visitors to you main website.

Reason being, more efforts increases more results is the theory behind it all. Some say having more than one website can over crowd the search engine results pages. I somewhat agree with this theory. Simple fact being, you are providing another source that produces results on the search engines. Although true, you are still trying to drive those visitors to your main website. But at the same time why can you just not exchange those blog post from the external blog to a blog post on an internal blog since you are trying to do the same thing. It really boils down to what factors you decide and what your blog is intended to do.

Plus, some do not always write web content on a blog which is appropriate for the current main website is one reason. Secondly, an external blog as mentioned provides another source to link from to the main website.  Another reason for having an external blog is that fact that some do not have the funds or resources to implement an internal blog on a main website or just not have placed this much thought into it all.

Although today, more and more main websites are being designed off the basic principle of having the blog created internally. This does eliminate having to maintain another external blog and in the eye’s of the search engines can help reduce spam. Main website by far have less spam problems than external blog platforms like WordPress. It is up to you and what direction you choose.

Make sure you promote your web content.

Blog Promoting

Promoting the Blogs

One factor that has not been covered yet; is the necessity to promote the blog post whether it is on an internal website blog or an external blog. This is one of those contributing factors that must be done no matter whether you utilize an internal or external blog. Your blog promotion is what is going to make your blog successful. Because without this blog promoting you may never get this great web content you write in front of those wonderful visitors you so much desire. This is one of those factors that really does not matter whether or not it is an external blog or internal blog.

“You must promote for success”.

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