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Choosing an SEO Company for a New Website

Professional Web Design Services

Professional Web Design Services

If you’re planning on creating and launching a new website you should immediately be thinking about how to market your new website on the internet before having it designed. There are a ton of great web design companies available who can provide you with a great design and offer free consultations. One in particular I recommend is Small Box Web. This is a great company providing quality designs and a professional knowledgeable staff. If you happen to choose this company for a new design or any type of services, please let them know who recommended their company. Link Worx Seo by no means get’s paid to recommend Small Box Web, just to clarify this to you. Link Worx Seo suggest them for new designs and services because we have personally seen plenty completed projects created by this company. The owner of this firm is a gentleman and a scholar who comes  with high regard from us. Just remember that no matter what company you choose for this new web design project, SEO is a portion of the design that should be carefully implemented during the design process.

Many companies prefer to do the SEO while doing the design because all the code is accessible during the design. You do not have to allow another company access to the code after the design is completed. Some companies even provide discount’s when you allow them to design and optimize the new website as a whole. Link Worx Seo provide’s these services as a complete package to our customer’s at affordable prices. Although some web design companies do have limits on an acceptable amount before they will take on a new project; whether it is web design or an SEO project. You will find it varies from company to company throughout the web design and SEO industries.

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For a long time there has been somewhat of a dispute between web designers and SEO Specialist about what should come first, the SEO or the design. Well here at Link Worx Seo we believe in doing them at the same time because each of these are equally important. For example: good structure produces easier navigation for your customers while at the same time having properly named pages with the correct keywords also provides good SEO strategy. As you can see, these can go hand in hand. This is another great reason to have the same company do your new web design and SEO services.

On-Page SEO Tip’s to Consider for a new Website Design:

Web Article Points for Writing Have the new site designed in a familiar format and minimize the use of JavaScript and Flash animation as often as possible. The more complex the programming code, the more difficult it becomes for the search engine’s crawlers to crawl and index your website.

Web Article Points for WritingUse complete meta tag descriptions aimed at promoting your site that are compelling which can help capture you potential customers and generate higher conversions.

Web Article Points for WritingMake use of proper keywords and make sure the proper research on the industry and your competitors is though-rough.

Web Article Points for WritingCreate a robots.txt file, extremely important; as this can block certain directories in your sites hierarchy and allow access to only the files that need to be indexed.

Web Article Points for WritingApply the proper heading tags to your page. H1, H2, and H3 tags are a great way draw attention to your web content while making use of your keywords and phrases. Some search engine’s rely more on these heading tag’s than other’s so making use of the proper heading tag’s is an  important part of the overall search engine optimization strategy.

Web Article Points for WritingMake use of proper keywords in your page titles while targeting specific keywords. You should even target specific locations, especially if your services are only provided locally or you are just starting your SEO campaign. Remember your site can alway’s grow into something larger.

Web Article Points for WritingWrite quality web content for your reader’s, this will help reduce the bounce rate. In a nutshell the lower the bounce rate the better. This means your reader’s are staying on your site and more likely to buy. Plus, if you write something worthwhile they are more likely to remember you even if they do not buy right away.

Web Article Points for WritingSite structure as mentioned above should consist of easy to understand navigation throughout your site. The use of internal linking within your content on the pages along with an understandable main navigation menu should provide your visitors options and choices without them getting lost.

Web Article Points for WritingMake sure your pages are no more than three pages deep from the home page. The reason is because the search engine crawlers do not always go that deep into your site hierarchy when crawling your site’s content. You can provide deeper pages but you will be required to create deep links on other site’s in order to increase your chances of those pages being indexed.

Web Article Points for WritingMake sure a properly formatted sitemap.xml file is created. This help’s the search engine crawlers know what pages to crawl and when to come back to crawl. This siteamap file also allows for easy access in a simple to understand format for the crawlers. Although the sitemap.xml file format is not accessible to user’s an additional file that is accessible should be created. This is a sitemap file but in .html format.

Web Article Points for WritingSearch engine submission should be done after the new site has been fully designed, developed and tested.

After making your site easy to access you should also be considering a long-term SEO strategy as well. To often, web designers get caught up with on-page search optimization factors, that they overlook the need to establish a foundation that supports long-term SEO goals. When deciding on a search engine optimization strategy, especially with new website’s, follow the basic SEO guidelines outlined above to get you started.
Of course there are a number of contributing factors to consider when creating a new website, but these are some of the most common SEO tips available.

Starting it off right and doing it right from the start will eliminate loss of business, future headaches and produce sales faster from the beginning. Making sure a strong foundation is created from the beginning is an essential part of designing a new website – Generate a site design that adheres to basic SEO standards but also supports your long-term search engine optimization goals as an integral part of a new web design. Remember that an enjoyable and remember-able site will help produce conversions, create a lasting  memory and produces more repeat visitors as well.  You should also discuss off-page optimization strategies with the company you plan to hire. This is the next step for the SEO process and is part of the long-term goals.

“Web design tends to trend year after year.”

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