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Ten Best SEO Practices to Follow to Help Your Business

The Problem

Recently an individual was trying to understand why their website had been dropped from the search engine results. There are several factors that can cause your website to lose placement completely or drop significantly enough that you may need to search several pages back in the results to find your site again. There are some common reasons it can occur to website’s that should be checked in order to resolve the problem.

How to Solve the Problem

bullet-one First, have you received alerts from Google telling explaining to you that there are problems with your website? If yes, then sign in to Google Webmaster Tools determine which errors are in need of attention. Assuming you already have established a Webmaster Tools account.


bullet-twoSecond, you will want to check some other areas as well pertaining to your website. You might start with a website analysis which can aid in finding bad errors on the website. Some of the issue’s could be duplicated meta descriptions and titles, or sitemap has not been submitted. If you can not run an analysis you can also find out these same factors through Webmaster Tools as well.


bullet-threeThird, check for proper canonical usage on pages. This will help with indexing and allow your website to be more crawler friendly. It will also help remove chances of duplicated pages from been indexed by the search engines.


bullet-fourFourth, take a look at the sites robots.txt file to make sure it is properly written. A properly written robots.txt file can provide guidance to the crawlers for indexing. This file essentially allows for more control over the crawlers by providing it some instruction on what not to index. By disallowing files and directories you can be assured the search crawlers will not send data back to the search engines for indexing.


bullet-fiveFifth, although tedious; remove any bad inbound links leading to your website. This is a time intensive process but will be to your advantage. There are various software vendors online to help you locate these unwanted back link’s. You might try Removeem or LinkDelete to resolve some bad links by getting those links removed.


bullet-sixSixth, utilize the disavow tools available through Webmaster Tools to make suggestions to the search engines that you would like to have certain inbound links listed as non-valued links when determining your ranking in the results. This does take some time to complete but is another great way to notify the search engines you are being linked to from places on the web that you would rather not be linked from because of various reasons.


bullet-sevenSeventh, check for duplicated content on other sites. us the sixth suggestion to remove links from those sites and you might take the next step to resolve the issue by notify the search engines that a site is violating policies. File a complaint through the process of completing a DCMA. If all else fails and the site webmaster is un-reachable or just flat-out not responding, the DCMA is the last possible solution to get it done.


bullet-eightEighth, this is a simple one. Make sure your pages are being cached by the search engines. You can find this out by doing in the search box. Also you can use Webmaster Tools to control page caching and links pertaining to your site that need to be removed from indexing by the search engines.


bullet-nineNinth, check for parameters inside of Webmaster Tools as well. By listing parameters inside of Webmaster Tools, you can notify the search engines that you do not want certain pages the utilize page parameters to be listed in the index. For example, .html is the same as .html?id=1. Although this is the same page, the search engines will treat it as two separate pages because of the parameter attached on the end. By listing this parameter in Webmaster Tools you are going to eliminate the duplicated page content, which of course will produce better results.


bullet-tenFinally, number ten. If you have migrated a website your might be more prone to check for proper page redirects. Proper redirects can provide several thing’s. It can help eliminate duplicated content, send old pages to the new pages and notify users of site changes. Such as;  Page Not Found (404) or Server Error (503). This also gives the search engines some directions to follow.



Okay, there are ten areas to cover that will go a long way in providing a solution to achieve better search results. Some of these problem solving suggestions are technical and very time-consuming. So if you believe this is above you or you just do not have to the time to do it. Hire a professional to take care of it.

Problem Resolution List

SEO Bullet Points Evaluate Website Problems

SEO Bullet Points Eliminate Duplicate Descriptions, Titles & Pages

SEO Bullet Points Check for Correct Canonical Usage

SEO Bullet Points Check for Properly Written Robots.txt File

SEO Bullet Points Remove Unwanted Inbound Links

SEO Bullet Points Check Link Sources (Disavow) as Needed

SEO Bullet Points Check Page Cache & Links Submitted for Removal

SEO Bullet Points Check Page Parameters

SEO Bullet Points Check for Proper Redirects

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