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How to Create Video Sitemap Code to get Better Video Results

December 29, 2013 Leave a comment
Get video sitemap creation on completed on your own or through various vendors.

Video Sitemap

Well, let me start off by saying thing’s have been busy since the last post back in early November. Most of my time and focus has been spent updating websites to HTML5 code. So my apologize for the long delay of writing. There is still plenty of updating to complete so it could be a few before the next post.

XML and Video Sitemaps

I first started this post with the introduction to XML sitemap creation and then posted a second post about adding images to a sitemap; along with sitemap submission. So if you have not read those, you might want too. This is the last and final part about adding XML code to a sitemap for video’s.

The code resembles the same as the other XML code for the most part and is not really that difficult to add. There are several websites that will help you along with the process if you do not have the access or skills to add the code yourself. You should consult a webmaster if you are not sure of how to go about it. One would be me of course.

Video Sitemap Resources

There are plenty of resources available for video sitemap creation online. Since I do all the coding myself and do not like paying for services I do not know what some of these paying resources can provide other than from online post and reviews. This is supposed to be a good one for video sitemap creation. This is a pretty fancy piece of software to  make getting the job done easily. The A1 Sitemap Generator provides multiple options and can produce the flawless code with ease.

The second resource is one I have mentioned before which is a paying service as well. You can get a complete video sitemap generated by using XML-Sitemaps. It is capable of doing any type of sitemap or a combination of different XML sitemap code. It is relatively cheap and robots.txt file compliant.

Video XML Sitemap Code

The first step when completing the XML code on your own is to locate the XML file and open it up in your favorite editor such as DreamWeaver or whatever is clever. Once you have located the sitemap.xml file you will need to add this code to the top of the file in order for it to be namespace compliant.

<!–?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<urlset xmlns=”


If you look at the code above it shows the namespace link for the sitemap. With out this code your sitemap will not be correct and will not validate correctly.

Second, start my locating the page your video’s are located on. Your video’s can be on your own website server or be video’s located on another website.

Video Sitemap Required Fields

There are only five required fields for a video sitemap you must add for the video’s to be indexed correctly. Of course there are several other tags of which can be added to make the video sitemap improved but are not necessary. Here are the five required fields.


With these fields in place on your video XML file you can begin to gain greater results in the search engines and on YouTube. The more fields you add to the video XML sitemap, the more information and control you can have of your video’s. Here is a complete list of different fields you can have for your video sitemap provided by Google.

Final XML Video Sitemap Code

Your video sitemap is now complete. Look at this code if you are not sure of who it should appear. Once again this is the simplest form for adding video’s to your sitemap.

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<urlset xmlns=”


<loc>Page the video is located on</loc>

<video:thumbnail_loc>Thumbnail location</video:thumbnail_loc>
<video:title>Title of video</video:title>
<video:description>Video description</video:description>



I hope this was a helpful edition to the two previous tutorials already created. Here you can find those resources to create a combination of the of sitemap creation for image, video and pages. All an all, the delay between post has been tough due to keeping up with current changes in the SEO industry and of course Google. Plus, I know the benefits for clients is going to be worth while in the long run. Furthermore, having to convert HTML5 will no longer be needed since all website created by Link Worx Seo will be coded in HTML5 from the get go.

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“Stay tuned – more to come, just a matter of when”.

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