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Are you Ready for the Next Round of EMD Updates?

Are you ready for the next possible .com boom with the new domain name expansion coming?

Domain Name Expansion

Empowering Spam

While this may seem like a good ideal, I believe it to be a problem at this point. Could be wrong, but it would seem that these domain names are targeting keywords and not so much opening the door to new domain names for businesses. Of course as you may or may not know by now, Google recently implemented an algorithm updates named “EMD”. Short for exact match domain.

This not only gets directly effected by this new algorithm formula change by created by Google, but causes other problems as well. Since ICANN is the manager of domain name system naming that needs to jump on this to provide more pressure on why this would be of benefit to company’s abroad.

Currently there are millions of domain names available already. Why create more domain spam for someone to purchase. The Internet is not over crowded, it is the spam causes it to be over crowded. Sorry, but is wrong for this, despite what the intent is for the company.

I understand, is a business and they are in it to make the money. Is that not the reason most go into business; to create that money train of cash. Well at least a large part of it.

Domain Name History

Of course I do remember years back when the Internet was on an ipv4 tunneling system and the .com boom flooded the internet with addresses that over-whelmed the Internet so much it placed a strain on it and the availability of domain names was becoming thinner and thinner by the day.

Once this was realized, the expansion of domain names was decided. This is what brought about ipv6 tunneling and created some of those now popular domain names you see being used today. That being said, I will take a step backwards for a second and say it could contain a positive effect in the long run.

Web Developers Nightmare

But as an advocate of spam prevention, thinking to many issue are at hand for us techies. Another example. Have you ever tried to write those wonderful regular expression that check for domain name availability or using one to check for proper url formatting? Well, if not, then this might not be so significant to you.

As a Web Developer, this could cause some issue’s. There are millions of regular expressions for checking url structure on the Internet. This will yes, create some work for web developers a like, but also may cause some serious widespread disruption throughout the web. Of course if I am jumping the gun a little, it is probably because working with regular expressions is not always the funnest thing to do.

I would tend to believe that this would also change the outcome of e-mail addresses as well. Your company might currently use the address but could be this afterwards, Looks funky for one thing, secondly will require new programming and development for proper e-mail structure checking as well.


Well, a little rant but also some food for thought. Since this was solely based on my opinion and some solid facts of past history pertaining to the Internet and domain names, it could prove to be more of a benefit. So if this is wrong I apologize in advance. Otherwise I believe it to be something of concern for web developers, SEO and more. Also curious to how it might affect domain name harvesting.

Domain name harvesting recently took a big hit from Google when the implemented the “EMD” changes. The only part that could weigh in heavily is whether the domain name endings are treated as actual keywords or as domain name endings such as .com, .net or .co are treated. Should be interesting to see how Google treats these domain names.

Window and Linux Hosting Plans

“Will history repeat itself”?

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