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Ten Best SEO Practices to Follow to Help Your Business

The Problem

Recently an individual was trying to understand why their website had been dropped from the search engine results. There are several factors that can cause your website to lose placement completely or drop significantly enough that you may need to search several pages back in the results to find your site again. There are some common reasons it can occur to website’s that should be checked in order to resolve the problem.

How to Solve the Problem

bullet-one First, have you received alerts from Google telling explaining to you that there are problems with your website? If yes, then sign in to Google Webmaster Tools determine which errors are in need of attention. Assuming you already have established a Webmaster Tools account.


bullet-twoSecond, you will want to check some other areas as well pertaining to your website. You might start with a website analysis which can aid in finding bad errors on the website. Some of the issue’s could be duplicated meta descriptions and titles, or sitemap has not been submitted. If you can not run an analysis you can also find out these same factors through Webmaster Tools as well.


bullet-threeThird, check for proper canonical usage on pages. This will help with indexing and allow your website to be more crawler friendly. It will also help remove chances of duplicated pages from been indexed by the search engines.


bullet-fourFourth, take a look at the sites robots.txt file to make sure it is properly written. A properly written robots.txt file can provide guidance to the crawlers for indexing. This file essentially allows for more control over the crawlers by providing it some instruction on what not to index. By disallowing files and directories you can be assured the search crawlers will not send data back to the search engines for indexing.


bullet-fiveFifth, although tedious; remove any bad inbound links leading to your website. This is a time intensive process but will be to your advantage. There are various software vendors online to help you locate these unwanted back link’s. You might try Removeem or LinkDelete to resolve some bad links by getting those links removed.


bullet-sixSixth, utilize the disavow tools available through Webmaster Tools to make suggestions to the search engines that you would like to have certain inbound links listed as non-valued links when determining your ranking in the results. This does take some time to complete but is another great way to notify the search engines you are being linked to from places on the web that you would rather not be linked from because of various reasons.


bullet-sevenSeventh, check for duplicated content on other sites. us the sixth suggestion to remove links from those sites and you might take the next step to resolve the issue by notify the search engines that a site is violating policies. File a complaint through the process of completing a DCMA. If all else fails and the site webmaster is un-reachable or just flat-out not responding, the DCMA is the last possible solution to get it done.


bullet-eightEighth, this is a simple one. Make sure your pages are being cached by the search engines. You can find this out by doing in the search box. Also you can use Webmaster Tools to control page caching and links pertaining to your site that need to be removed from indexing by the search engines.


bullet-nineNinth, check for parameters inside of Webmaster Tools as well. By listing parameters inside of Webmaster Tools, you can notify the search engines that you do not want certain pages the utilize page parameters to be listed in the index. For example, .html is the same as .html?id=1. Although this is the same page, the search engines will treat it as two separate pages because of the parameter attached on the end. By listing this parameter in Webmaster Tools you are going to eliminate the duplicated page content, which of course will produce better results.


bullet-tenFinally, number ten. If you have migrated a website your might be more prone to check for proper page redirects. Proper redirects can provide several thing’s. It can help eliminate duplicated content, send old pages to the new pages and notify users of site changes. Such as;  Page Not Found (404) or Server Error (503). This also gives the search engines some directions to follow.



Okay, there are ten areas to cover that will go a long way in providing a solution to achieve better search results. Some of these problem solving suggestions are technical and very time-consuming. So if you believe this is above you or you just do not have to the time to do it. Hire a professional to take care of it.

Problem Resolution List

SEO Bullet Points Evaluate Website Problems

SEO Bullet Points Eliminate Duplicate Descriptions, Titles & Pages

SEO Bullet Points Check for Correct Canonical Usage

SEO Bullet Points Check for Properly Written Robots.txt File

SEO Bullet Points Remove Unwanted Inbound Links

SEO Bullet Points Check Link Sources (Disavow) as Needed

SEO Bullet Points Check Page Cache & Links Submitted for Removal

SEO Bullet Points Check Page Parameters

SEO Bullet Points Check for Proper Redirects

blog-white-inner-seperatorNote: As always if you feel this information is helpful, stop by and provide a quick review. It will benefit you and us.

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“Follow the guidelines, one of the best solutions”.

About Ty Whalin

Full-time Web Designer, SEO Manager, Cold Fusion Developer, business owner and Internet marketing entrepreneur. Educational background includes Central Florida Community College, where I majored in Computer Information Administration and Rasmussen College; Computer Information Technology. I am the Founder and CEO of Link Worx Seo, played drums for almost 30 years and proud father of one daughter.

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New Website Design & Development From Link Worx Seo

New website developments to enhance user experience.

What has the Agenda Been Like

Okay, recently there have been significant changes going on behind the scenes for the company. Not only has the company created new added features to the custom content management system, a new invoice system has been created as well. The new editions to the system required some intensive Cold Fusion Developing and some well thought out planning. The new edition, includes widgets that can now be used on blog pages created by the administrative users on the fly.

Webpage Creation With Widgets 

These widgets can be stacked in any order as you see fit. The decision to change the stacking order revolved around a method know to many as A/B testing. If you are not familiar with A/B testing, it is the testing of more than one version of a web page. If you would like to learn more about A/B testing just search for it and you will find a ton of resources covering the topic. You can also add analytic code to track the different web pages on a three month timeline as well with GA.

By being able to change widget order and selecting which widgets you want for the new web page, you can gain more insight on what works best through various page layouts. Now unfortunately, we do not have a demo at this time; but have plans for one to be created in the future. Will keep you posted.

The widget implementation was a sophisticated but yet tasty addition to the management system. But it was decided that it was just not enough. Next, was the choice of being able to choose between a one column, two column or three column layout for the new web pages being created was a foot. Now this took some doing, but seem to be working great at this point. Although there was one last detail needing to be checked surrounding IE and styling. As we all know, IE is a real bare sometimes when it comes to rendering.


SEO reporting is another great way to keep track of your campaigns.

SEO Reporting

Webpage Layout Options

After that it was time to do those wonderful taxes. On top of all this, it was long over due to get the tax man up to date. After countless hours of tax forms for five years of taxes and some number crunching I am happy to say it is complete. During this time of making sure the taxes were done correctly, it was decided that a simpler way to bill clients and allow clients to see their billing invoices online was necessary.


Invoice & Reports

Once a user has registered for an account they will now have access to view able invoices and reports. Yet, although these reports are not full-scale graphical reports they at least allow for the client to see how their link building campaign is going. There are plans to add more features to the reports at a latter date, but some more research about a few Cold Fusion tags is going to have to be done first before venturing into the realm of development. Will keep you posted on this coming edition too…

International Formatting

Finally, during the process of all these development editions, it was decided to add some international formatting to the pages. If you happened to view a webpage and it was not found or was just a bad request to a page, my sincere apologize. There were a few unforeseen issue’s with time and date formatting that required some database changes that just had to be done along with some tricky select box manipulation. Along with this time and date formatting problems, it all had to be wrapped around a complex form that controlled the billing and different plan selection choices. Wow, glad I finished it.


New E-mail Design for the News Letter

Online Marketing is not complete without e-mail.

E-mail Marketing News

Anyway, this forced some other changes as well. One change in particular I did not realize until just recently was the news letter being sent out. the HTML version and the inbox version were error prone because of time and date formatting problems. So another apology is in order. Now since the process of updating was taking place for the news letter, I figured what the heck why not just update the entire kit and caboodle.

So without further a do, magically appears a newly designed news letter.  If you have seen or been receiving the old news letter, you are in for a treat. This baby looks great. Was worth the effort and time to revamp it. All known development errors have now been resolved and the new design is much nicer looking.  The promise to provide e-books is on the way as well. At the moment the e-book landing page is not completed but will be hopefully this week  sometime. Was in a hurry to push out the new news letter. So it was opted to show at least a coming soon page.


Conclusion and Feedback

Now since this post is the first one to go out on the new format we ask for your feedback. Whether it is to about a complaint or just to give props, bring it on… Well it has been another long day but a fruitful one. Hope everyone enjoys the new news letter and special thanks goes out to all our subscribers. Do not hesitate to let everyone know how to find us and sign up for the news letter.

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“Long hours, but worth it”.

About Ty Whalin

Full-time Web Designer, SEO Manager, Cold Fusion Developer, business owner and Internet marketing entrepreneur. Educational background includes Central Florida Community College, where I majored in Computer Information Administration and Rasmussen College; Computer Information Technology. I am the Founder and CEO of Link Worx Seo, played drums for almost 30 years and proud father of one daughter.

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A Helpful Purchase Guide on Website Domain Names Before Expiration

January 28, 2013 1 comment
What to do before a domain name expires

Domain Name Expired

This is some information I compiled surrounding domain names being purchased or expiring. I came across this on Google while doing some research on domain names and link building. Domain names that are expired are given a page rank (PR) of zero once they are expired. Now there are some time stipulations set on domain names the keep them in the registrar for some specified amount of times. Although most registrars will keep domain names active until a time of 30-45 day’s has been reached.

If you plan to buy a domain name and can purchase this domain name within that time, before it expires; this would be more beneficial to you. Reason being, the domain name can still keep its’ page rank (PR) by purchasing it before it actually expires. This is of benefit to you since you can keep the page rank (PR) associated with the domain being purchased. Although page rank (PR) is really not a determining factor for search engine ranking anymore, you are still going to be able to keep the domain name age and authority that comes with it as long as you make the purchase before the expiration date set.

Is Domain age Important, how Important?

One of the importance’s of the domain name not expiring is for the age that comes with a domain name that has been up and running for a while. If you did not know it, domain name age is a very important contributing factor when purchasing domain names. You might think of it like buying a significant piece of property. As with real-estate, the value of the property can go up and down; as the same for a domain name. When purchasing domain names you are essentially placing a value on the domain name at hand. If this domain name has keyword value, age and authority; you can then begin to understand that the value for this purchase would be higher than if you were trying to buy a brand new domain name. This is why making the purchase before the domain name is reset is utmost important.

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Why Purchase Domain Names Before They Expire?

Buying out a business not only increases your company assets but can bring advantage from a marketing stand point. Gaining those anchor text links becomes a benefit because you are now acquiring newly established inbound links from the domain name or business purchase. As with any company beginning to take shape and increases in revenue, you are investing into it; just like a piece of property as compared to already. This domain name purchasing is considered an investment into your company. The more you establish this domain name and build links; the more valuable the domain name becomes to you or anyone company wanting to make the purchase of it.

By making this purchase before the expiration date, the search engines will continue to index the links already built for the domain name being purchased. Even though it maybe a parked domain page, you can redirect the parked domain to the domain of your choice by changing the Domain Name Server (DNS) in the admin section of the company you purchased the domain from at that time. One other common question that gets asked often is this:

Is the Juice passed on?
– Simple answer, Yes

Expired URL's

Expired URL’s

So, as you can see; making the purchase before expiration becomes even more important. Why would you want to purchase something after the value of its’ investment has dropped and can only be regained by you investing back into it.? You would not want it that way, unless you really just did not care. Well hopefully this has been helpful to you at this point, keep reading to understand more about what can be done once a domain name has been purchased…

You may need to hire a Programmer or SEO company to implement this as well which will aid in benefiting from a domain name purchase.

Do mod Rewrites, Redirects and Make use of Canonical Links.

SEO Bullet Points 301 Moved Permanently (Recommended)

SEO Bullet Points 302 Found (HTTP 1.1) / Moved Temporarily (HTTP 1.0)

SEO Bullet Points 307 Moved Temporarily (HTTP 1.1 Only)

SEO Bullet Points <link rel=”canonical” href=””>

SEO Bullet Points 404 Not Found

SEO Bullet Points Make use of robots.txt file

SEO Bullet Points Try and avoid meta refresh as well.

You will want to make sure that all pages from the new domain are fixed by adding the proper code to your .htaccess file or programming your redirects into your pages directly. Of course there is more than one way to do these and will be dependent on the programmer or SEO company performing the task. So if you are new to this and are trying to perform this on your own you might check out Wikipedia for a full list of available page error codes. This is for sure to help you gain a better understanding of what each code stands for all in all. You can also check out a previous post concerning the use of rel=”canonical” here.

Term of Domain Name, How Much Impact to the Results Does it Have?

Extending the purchase time of a domain name is beneficial from the eye’s of the search engines. The search engines rely on this long-term verse short-term domain name buying as an indicator you are going to be around for a few. Because of this extended domain name purchasing of extended lengths of time, you are going to gain trust and authority with the search engines because they know you are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Does Having Multiple Domains Pointed to one Core Domain Hurt or Help?

SEO Bullet Points Make sure 301 redirects are pointing to the core domain.

SEO Bullet Points Do not build links for the other domain names, If you already have links to a non- core domain, that is fine.

SEO Bullet Points Domain name forwarding (DNS)

SEO Bullet Points Buying multiple domains with links built already and directing them to a core domain is link harvesting.

How Does the Search Engines Know if you are Buying a Business and Redirecting?

SEO Bullet Points First, the domain was not parked to begin with.

SEO Bullet Points Secondly, header status redirects.

SEO Bullet Points Link building may not continue once the purchase is complete.



GoDaddy Parked Domain Names

GoDaddy Parked Domain Names

As you may have noticed, there are several areas to consider when purchasing a domain name; especially before it expires. This simple guide should help you before making your decision on a domain name purchase. By following this information you are now well informed about areas surrounding domain names, redirects, parked domains and what you are doing to encounter during the process of purchasing.

Although some of this information contained here is not just for novice individuals it is directed at helping you make a more informed decision whether you seek help with the matter or are just trying to do it on your own. There are lots of other resources available and you may want to read up some more on the topic before making you final decision of hiring someone to help or before venturing out to do it on your own.

“Inform yourself, then decide”.

About Ty Whalin

I am a web designer, SEO specialist, programmer and internet marketer entrepreneur. I attended Central Florida Community College where I majored in Computer Information Administration and Rasmussen College studying Computer Information Technology. I am the Founder and CEO of Link Worx Seo, played drums for almost 30 years, father of one daughter and enjoy everything life has to offer.

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Google Keywords Disrupting Website Analysis

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Google Analytic Data "not provided"

Google Analytic Data “not provided”

As you may know or not know, Google is not providing keywords data when users are logged in to their accounts. This has been an on-going topic throughout the SEO world for sometime now. Link Worx Seo wrote about this topic on 10/23/2011 and 11/03/2011 and the effects it is having on SEO analysis. As you can see from a post by Search Engine Land, the numbers are increasing month by month. This is yet to be implemented world wide, but Google has plan’s to do so in the near future according to sources.

Steve Myers shared what he found after checking’s analytics: Keywords were hidden in 29 percent of searches in April. That’s up from 22.5 percent in November, shortly after the change was made. Now “(not provided)” makes up the largest category of search terms, dwarfing the second place term: Poynter. Overall, 6 percent of inbound traffic now comes from a black box. Source: Search Engine Land

If you are a large business relying on high amount’s of keyword data then this can be very disrupting to your business. As an SEO specialist this provides an annoying challenge of collecting adequate data. This data was said to remain in the single digits, but of course has surpassed the single digit numbers originally announced by Google. Currently, I have clients asking Link Worx Seo what the “not provided” means in the keyword list in Google Web Analytic’s. Trying to explain to the client why Google will not show the results of keyword’s being used to find their business is challenging to explain to some clients.

Some of these clients instantaneously ask, “Why would Google not show you the data?”. Clients say this makes no sense, at the same time quickly realize how this can effect their businesses after you have explained it to them in a way they can understand. For several of the businesses Link Worx Seo provides SEO services for, the not provided is the #1 keyword in the list. As an original theory, it seemed Google may be trying to measure certain areas; such as:

Web Article Points for Writing Determining SEO software request

Web Article Points for Writing Legitimate G-mail users

Web Article Points for Writing Social effects

Web Article Points for Writing True impressions

Web Article Points for Writing Security impact

Web Article Points for Writing Preventing eavesdropping

Completely sure there are more, but this seems to make  sense. There is no problem with wanting to provide higher security measures for Internet users, totally agree with these new measure’s of greater security. Along with Google and FireFox announcing the new secure search agreement, encrypted data has become a significant importance with regards to privacy issue’s surrounding Google and other companies. If your logged in to an account then this can be tracked by Google for obvious purposes… Of course if your logged into your Google account you always have the option to toggle the social and non-social button provided by Google. Your results are then filtered based  on your toggle selection. Still believe that if your logged in, Google records the keyword data no matter what toggle choice you select.

At this point there is no information which has been found about whether or not the keyword data is recorded into Google Web Analytic‘s as “not provided” data if logged-in while the toggle button is set to non-social selection. If someone has some information pertaining to this, please notify us so we can be more accurate about our posting. Thank you in advance.

Google SSL Encrypted Searches Will go Beyond Just Google in the Future

Google Encrypted Search

Google Encrypted Search

As Google has implemented these changes to better privacy and has only been applied to the Google’s English version. Eventually it will be rolled out to all Google search versions, which will produce a larger percentage of “not provided” data. Is it possible that Google could be working towards securing all search data? What might this in-detail? What about all those custom search boxes on websites allowing people to perform searches directly on a website. It may be happening already considering you must have a Google account to obtain those custom search boxes for personalizing your website. However there is absolute sure fire answer for this one though. Anyway, at this point let’s say Google has already been collecting this keyword data by means of a tracking code generated when you fetch the form code for the custom search box. This makes perfect sense to try and secure data integrity as well for these custom search boxes. What is your take on custom search boxes?

“Make use of all the data you can from analytics.”

About Ty Whalin

I am a web designer, SEO specialist, programmer and internet marketer entrepreneur. I attended Central Florida Community College where I majored in Computer Information Administration and Rasmussen College studying Computer Information Technology. I am the Founder and CEO of Link Worx Seo, played drums for almost 30 years, father of one daughter and enjoy everything life has to offer.

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