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Our SEO Blog in Review for 2013 – WordPress

December 31, 2013 Leave a comment

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 6,600 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Spamming is out of Control Because of Cheap Blogs, Link Building and Cheap SEO Company’s

November 29, 2012 4 comments

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Blog Creation for Link Building

In the effort to create links for back link profiles and more results, individuals and companies have resorted to tactics of duplicate profile creation, multiple fake profiles and an unsurpassed amount of blog sites with little or no use to anyone looking to gain valuable information. Some examples are WordPress sites with a single post created with the sole purpose of posting one or two links within the article. It is obvious the sole intention of the created WordPress or BloggerSpot was to post an article for the sake of link building. Most of the time this is the only article posted  on the blog and bring almost no significant value to the reader if the blog post is found. I consider this spam and a complete waste of time.

The strain on the search engines become more and more challenged because of instances such as these cheap blog post creation tactics. This is now requiring the search engines to put more time and effort into indexing these pages, along with trying to determine the value of the blog or post. These fake and fraudulent accounts are usually created by some cheap SEO company saying they can create links or a blog post with a comment on it for the purpose of link building.

What is WordPress Web Blogging?

What is WordPress?

These are staggering statistics, but the truth of it all. There are just to many WP sites of absolutely no value what so ever. I can not explain in full detail how many times I have seen WP sites with just a single post and that is all, which of course is for the sole purpose of posting an article for a link.

Everyday I continue to find way’s to generate traffic and produce more leads without these tactics. It has been evident though, that there are more and more fraudulent accounts being created by wood be users looking to game the search engines and social networks.

Do not get me wrong, I appreciate what WordPress has done for the Internet – but it would seem that the availability of free WordPress blogs has created a large part of the problem. This does not exclude BloggerSpot and any of the other available free blogs systems as well. Blogging is a great way to promote and bring valuable information to your readers, but something about it needs to be done.

Have you ever noticed that some of these blogs do not even allow you to post a comments on the post. Well, I believe once the blog is created and the post is posted; the creator of the blog and post no longer has a use for maintaining the account since they have already received payment from the customer and completed what was paid for by the customer. This basically becomes a dormant and useless blog. Although the person who paid for the links would beg to differ of course.

Source: via Link Worx Seo on Pinterest

The Demise of Link Building

How much spam could be prevented if link building was no longer an issue? If you no longer needed links then would this reduce the need for unwanted scrupulous blogs and articles? How about directory and article submissions as well?

What do you think?

I recently was involved in a discussion on LinkedIn concerning ranking without links. This discussion has prompted some thoughts about the need to eliminate link building. Although at this point link building is still a principal concern to gain rankings in the search engine results and should not be thwarted at this time and date. It has been an interesting discussion thus far and believe eliminating link building would greatly reduce spam significantly. But as we all know, link building is still an important factor for ranking in the search engines.

Why Link Building is Still Important

One of the main reasons link building is important still, is the simple fact it is part of the search engine algorithms in determining ranking’s. The gentlemen stated that he could not figure out why one company with a limited number of links compared to another company with 300,000 links could place on top of the company with a larger back link profile. I suggested to the gentlemen that it could have been a niche or even could have been the quality of links being produced. I have personally seen websites with less links but of higher quality links produce higher search engine results than the latter.

I also suggested that the attributes of “follow” and “nofollow” are contributing factors with regards to the links and the direct correlation of these attributes. He seemed to be concerned with the fact of page rank and how page rank is determined by the number of links you have generated. I quickly explained that the number of links to determine page rank is true, but at the same time page rank is no longer a contributing factor for determining search engine rankings. The search engines can now determine a page rank for a website, but yet not use page rank in the algorithm as a ranking factor in the search engine results.


No matter what, do not stop creating links to your business. Even if the link is of “nofollow”. Reason being – even a link of the “nofollow” attribute can still produce traffic to your website. Although the search engines do not give points for it being a “nofollow” link and it is not followed by the spiders/crawlers – you can still generate a lead from it. Secondly, if you have a diverse back link profile you will gain significant strides in the search engine results. One last note, if you are one of those cheap SEO company’s generating blogs for the sake of posting a single article for the sake links, your day of demise will come. Sooner or later the search engines are going to find a way to completely combat the spam you produce.

“Remember to keep creating quality content and start claiming your work with authorship”. 

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