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What do you do When Project Budgeting is a Constraint for Your Company?

Budgeting is always a factor for small businesses.

Budgeting Constraints

Have you ever declined possible clients because of low budgeting, such as a few hundred dollars a month because they want top placement but not willing enough to pay for it. How about possible projects where the client believes top ranking placement is the only measuring factor for their online business? O’, here is another good one. What about the people who believe hiring just any old SEO or Web Design company is good enough?

Well, let us just say you should choose wisely before moving forward with your SEO, Development and Design choice’s.

Although I have made a few exceptions to the rule for a few clients, I am upfront with them. I explain it is a long-term investment and a higher budget goes farther. But for the small business owners not able to pay for quality SEO service and web design, but willing to take the next step of at least trying to get their businesses off the ground, I try my best to help them get started by offering an inexpensive method of doing so.

Choosing a Pricing Model

Placing them on a performance based pricing model allows them to get some results while also being bound with the understanding; increased results equals increased budgeting for services rendered. This is a modest but effective approach to perform as an SEO company as well as providing a value to the client’s business with rewards. This allows for the client to feel more comfortable while also allowing for the client to foresee future expenses once results are met.

Of course the clients I work with understand that marketing efforts should also be done through other channels as well. This only adds to the pot. There are always areas for improvement with your marketing efforts and the sole responsibility should not be placed on the shoulders of the SEO company providing service.

I have had some come to me needing a new website design and SEO who just can only afford a small amount every month. If I find the project to be worthwhile or just flat-out a project I believe to be fun or interesting, I will bring them on board. I suppose it is a matter of preference of projects and the individuals I want to work with that comes to mind.

Being Selective

As a business owner, the affordability has not always been there to choose. So these budgeting constraints are well understood. Often incoming projects were thought of as just a way to increase profits, but as soon as I started to be more selective about which projects, it became clearer that it was funner, more interesting and created a more reliable Business to Business (B2B, or B2C) relationship for me and the clients.

Overall, this is a better route for choosing which projects while also providing  a better work strategy and ethical business decision. Business has increased because of this re-thinking about selective project choices and continues to be rewarding in itself.

There are tons of do’s and do not’s when it comes to SEO, Development and design. It is highly recommended that you are selective as well when doing so. Do not settle for just any fly by night company saying they can get you top placement without doing the research first. Remember it is a long-term investment into your business. Would you go buy a new vehicle without knowing anything about the vehicles past history? You should of course answer “NO”.

Not Sure What to do?

If you are not sure where to look or what to ask, trying contacting a few local companies to learn their responses. You should get a similar response from companies that know what they are doing. No cheap gimmicky or false pretenses. Remember there really is not guaranteed search engine results. There are guarantee’s on work performed, but the perceived thought of guaranteed SEO is false, so do not fall for the sales pitch pitfall of guaranteed SEO.

Now, you can try to learn it and do it for free, but is it really free? The answer is “NO”. Yes you might not be paying for someone to help you, but in the long run you still are investing your time to learn it, apply it and understand it. For some it is just easier to find someone to help them along, while others just do not have the budgeting available to do so.


No matter what your situation might be, do some research and learn as much as you can about it before picking up the telephone and making a decision. Like our competitors, we aim to make it as simple as possible. Whether you need a new website design or SEO, pick up the telephone to speak to a representative. Our first time consultation are free. We can be reached at Link Worx Seo or (317) 614-7383

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“Try and educate yourself first”.

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